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Shebeen Club Meeting Monday, September 15: Intro to the Federation of BC Writers

September 14, 2008


This month we’ve moved our meeting to Monday, September 15th instead of Tuesday and across the street so that we can have the brand-new Shebeen all to ourselves! We’ll play host to Sylvia Taylor, President of the Federation of BC Writers, who will give us an overview of the Fed and what it can do […]

no comment? think again!

August 14, 2007


cross-posted from raincoaster and as if you need another reason to click around and comment. Haven’t I always told you that’s what the blogosphere is all about? I didn’t? Humph, I will just go leave a comment on your blog about it then! Well, after losing 2000 places on Technorati recently because apparently nothing I […]

Blogging for Beginners Class Saturday, July 28th

July 24, 2007


What: Blogging for Beginners: from Zero to Technorati in 7 hours When: 9:30am-4:30 pm, Saturday, July 28th, 2007 Where: Tradeworks Training Society, 2nd floor, 87 East Pender Street at Columbia, Vancouver Why: Get your blog up and running in one day: strictly limited to no more than 8 students, this course covers blog basics like: […]

stats: the forbidden love

July 12, 2007


cross-posted from raincoaster if anyone happens to need typing practice, I could sure use a transcript… This is the so-called lecture, in actuality dialogue, that I gave at Moosecamp, which is the first, more free-form day, of the Northern Voice Blogging Conference. It was my intention to get people talking about the simple right to […]

bootstrapping 2.0 or, how to start a company from nothing (with a little help from the web)

June 25, 2007


Anyone who’s experienced poverty knows how the application of brains and energy can often make up for a lack of cash; in fact, sometimes it has to. Here’s a great post from a nonprofit startup in Guyana about how to use the web to start a fully operational, integrated and modern company, virtually for free. […]

manifestation, intentionality, and evolution: the cybergypsy speaks!

June 20, 2007


Yesterday I told you about Digital Divide and the laptop they donated to the rtr project (that would be this blog, the wiki, the classes, and all suchlike empowering activities). Today I’d like to put that in perspective and talk about what it means in the context of the universe and all of the esoteric […]

we’ve got mail!

June 6, 2007


Remember sulz‘s postcard project from last month? Well, we registered right away and it’s arrived and we finally got a scan for your delectification. Yay, we’ve got a penpal in Malaysia! Unfortunately, half the text is in Malay and my Malay is just the teensiest bit rusty. Can anyone help a sister out? The text […]