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Lorraine Murphy by Jess Sloss
Lorraine Murphy by Jess Sloss

Here is where you can see raincoaster and raincoaster media other than, you know, the coffee shop, the pub, and the beer garden at the track. You’re welcome, stalkers!

Professional Bio:

I have Asian fangirls, too, Julian Assange!

I’m the founding editor of the soon-to-launch The Cryptosphere and a contributor to The Intercept; a digital reporter focusing on Anonymous, hackers, and global hacktivism. I cover what Anonymous has up its sleeve as well as the international hacker scene. My specialty is covering the stories that happen where hacking meets revolution. Broke the story of Kylie Kylem, a bullied teen whose bullies were taught a sharp lesson by Anonymous, and covered the original formation of OpAntiBully right through to the unravelling of the Op.

Freelancing for the Intercept and other publications including Slate, Salon, and the Daily Dot. In the three years I’ve covered this field professionally I have broken many stories thanks to my contacts in the field, and introduced many more to the Western world including OpCambodiaFreedom and OpGabon, an operation to expose ritual murder and gross corruption among the Gabonese elites.

On the softer side I’ve also featured a heartwarming story about a Haida artist who auctioned off a bracelet of spiritual significance to help the family of a friend pay funeral expenses, and covered Anonymous’ OpSafeWinter, an initiative to ensure that however cruel the season can be, no-one need die for lack of warm clothes and bedding.

At 2600 The Hacker Quarterly, I am an administrator on the very active Facebook page. Volunteering to help keep hackers in line. Or at least not at each others’ throats. It’s a challenge.

You can seem my Twitter video on Vizify.

As for my social media side, I was one of the first professional social media and blogging trainers in Canada. I do public speaking and training around the use of technology for transformative purposes. Was responsible for all web training at W2’s Fearless City project, teaching the homeless and marginalized to use digital tools for empowerment. I’ve also answered over 60,000 questions in the technical support forums.

Here’s my potted bio for that:

Lorraine “raincoaster” Murphy is founder of raincoaster media, specializing in transformative social media training, as well as President Emeritus of Social Media Club of Vancouver, and has been a professional blogger and social media trainer since 2002. She specializes in teaching beginners and those with barriers to internet use, and in social media for social change. She was in charge of Web and Social Media training for the Fearless City project, and her students there included citizen journalist April Smith and poet Henry Doyle.

Her flagship blog,, has been studied as part of the New Media curriculum in three universities, and the comments thread on her Mummified Fairy post has been called “one of the most beautiful things on the internet.” She once got into a flamewar with the nation of Albania, and won. She conducts workshops in the transformative use of social media on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, and blogs regularly to many different sites, including: 49 degrees latitude, 360 degrees attitude! The internet’s hometown paper The Celebrity Industrial Complex Transformative Social Media Training Vancouver’s Practicing Literati (practice makes perfect, right?) Mai Lak Uv Dignitty: Let Me Show U It Gently Making Fun of the Famous Eat! Drink! Be Merry! Simple. Fast. Secure.

Guest Posts:

In the Media:

Upcoming Engagements:

Contact me via the Contact form to book an appearance.

Past Speaking Engagements:

BIL conference on Anonymous and the Tools of Revolution, March 21 and 22, 2014

WordCamp Victoria, January 14, 2012

WordPress for Activism

Using WordPress for a mulit-user activist/organization site. How to maintain security while maximizing ease of use. Learn how to safely accept submissions from the public, and how to curate them and your own posts to make the most effective website for your organization. Examples from Occupy Vancouver Media Blog and other recent activist sites.

EatDrinkTweet, February 17-19, Penticton, BC

Blogger Panel, WordPress Bootcamp, Social Media Case Study: Xi Shi Launch with CathyBrowne

Yellowknife Rotary Meeting: September 8, 5:30-6:30, Top Knight

Just a lightning introduction to who I am and what I do.

Social Media Week Vancouver: September 18-26, Various Locations

An international event with a wide variety of different talks, presentations, round table discussions, and more!

Social Media Camp Victoria, October 3:

11am-11:50 Social Media for Beginners

What do you need to know before you know what you need in social media? How do you master Facebook so you don’t end up a sad, starving Farmville sharecropper? Want to avoid looking like a twit on Twitter? This session is for you.

Lorraine Murphy is the president of Social Media Club Vancouver and has been teaching and consulting in the social media field since the days when it was called New Media. She’ll explain the common pitfalls and pratfalls of social media, and give you easily-implementable advice about which platforms, apps, programs and gizmos are useful, effective, and practical, along with tips on how to use them most efficiently.

Simple. Straightforward. Social.

Social Media Camp Okanagan, January/February 2011

Details still in the works, but this will be a solid Unconference introduction to social media with Beginner, Business, and Tech streams of workshops. Talks include: Social Media for Wineries presented by Bradley Cooper of Township 7 and Black Cloud Wines; Social Media for Tourist Attractions presented by Chris Mathieson of the Vancouver Police Museum. Bring a laptop and an open mind!

NetSquaredCamp, August 14th

Social Media for Absolute Beginners

Social Media is perceived as a minefield for nonprofit organizations; how do they use these new tools for outreach and communications without upsetting their existing stakeholders, or sending the wrong message? Learn guidelines for professional use of social media platforms on behalf of your nonprofit.

Summer Dreams Literary Festival, August 13:

5:10-5:50 Panel Discussion: Panel Discussion: New Media: Surfing the Tsunami

Ready to catch the curl of New Media like Facebook, Twitter, & ______? Will you ride the wave, drown in indecision, or just get left behind in the backwash?  Explore the currents and calamities of an ocean of marketing potential.

Moderator: Sylvia Taylor. Panelists: Trevor Battye, Dennis E. Bolen, SR Duncan, Lorraine Murphy. (why am I the only one on this panel with a website?)

WordCamp Victoria, May 15th

Comments and Community Management

You’re not just a blogger: you’re also a cat wrangler, a teacher, a babysitter, an executioner, and a troop leader. What do you do now? Learn creative, accessible ways to interact with your audience and turn them from readers into fans and from fans into evangelists. If we have time, we’ll also cover how to terrify and intimidate trolls while actually improving your reputation. Yes, it IS possible.

Registration is open now, and you can find all the details in this post.

Federation of BC Writers Annual General Meeting May 13th

Keynote: Social Media Marketing for Writing

Social Media: you’ve heard about it, you’ve probably used it without even knowing; now learn how to make it work for you. Social Media is the most effective, most affordable way for a professional writer to promote her self and her works, develop a following, and gain experience in the public eye if she knows what she’s doing. Canada was the birthplace of that truly revolutionary social media device, the telephone, and as the heirs of Bell and Watson, Canadian writers have every reason to put themselves at the forefront of this increasingly-critical, literary communications platform.

Full Fed workshop June 19th

Northern Voice, May 7th

Social Media Speed Dating: Dealing with Negative Online Interactions
(I believe my original title was something more like Flamewars for Fun and Profit, but whatever)

Join us for Social Media Speed Dating where you can ask the experts every social media question under the sun.For an hour-and-half on Friday afternoon, experts are setting up shop in the atrium. Choose from topics that interest you most and get 20 minutes to ask questions and glean top tips before moving on to your next session of choice. Over the course of the afternoon you’ll get a chance to attend four “speed dating” sessions.

See the full list on their website.

WordPress Genius Bar

I’ll be staffing the WP Genius Bar at some point on Saturday, so bring all your questions except the one about why doesn’t allow Adsense, okay? See you there!

Sorry, the list only goes back till May 2010. What can I say: I’m lazy.

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  1. Hi Lorrie,

    Looks great and so do you!!!

  2. the comments thread on her Mummified Fairy post has been called “one of the most beautiful things on the internet.”

    Heh, not surprised!

  3. Thanks! Much appreciated!

  4. Hi Raincoaster – just wanted to say thanks for some advice you gave me in the WP Help forum round about Jan 1, 2012 or so about splitting a video in half and not 2 or 3 minute chunks – you also said I could post videos that were originally on Vimeo for my web site and put the videos on YouTube – the YouTube postings have generated 60 views in just over a month – no idea if I am getting any traffic back to my site from the videos but some people are getting some good info about boating safety.

    I was a bit rough on Matt and his crew for botching up the infinite scrolling – found two bugs in the stats counts so the stats that Matt was so proud of were all bogus numbers as the home page count was just being inflated by maybe 300% to 400% – so what Matt bragged about when he closed the thread were all bogus numbers – so anyway I have been banned from the support forum and a private blog – but nobody bothered to tell me or send James around with the bad news until I posted that my help postings were all going to spam – they suddenly woke up and threw me completely overboard and James had to I guess take it upon himself to send me an email telling me I was not welcome. Too bad as I had a great addition I was going to suggest that would have really increased traffic to the blogs and not broke anything and would have been super easy to implement –

    Oh well – speaking truth to power does have it’s down side at times especially if one is very blunt – so thanks again for all the help.

    auxclass (forum name)

    • Thank you, and I’m sorry things have worked out this way. Matt can be shockingly heavy-handed sometimes. He couldn’t LIVE through some of the things I get called on a daily basis, for god’s sake; it’s almost as if he isn’t a blogger at all (almost, eh?).

      It’s a damn shame what happened to you. The same has happened to TT a few times, but she’s hard to kill and she’s very self-sufficient, so she just keeps chugging along doing her thing and people in the forum are all, “Where’s TT? I NEED HER” and then staff reinstate her.

      It’s going to be a shock to the staff when I get back to work on Monday and basically it’s Tess, Jennifer (who I bet will take a step back from the forums temporarily), and Sergio and that’s IT to deal with the avalanche.

      A toggle. Is it so much to ask for? So stupid, all this tsuris. So easily prevented. If I thought they’d hire me, I’d apply to be a community manager and tell them all this in advance, but I really don’t think Matt sees the point of NOT pissing off 25million people at a time. He’s not stupid, but he IS tone-deaf.

      • Jennifer has been low profile in the help forum due to other commitments for the next few months.

        TT does a lot – I don’t think I have anything like her fan club so I doubt there will be any great uprising to have me back – I wonder if anyone will really notice my being gone – Sergio saw that I had ask in TFP for my help posts to be removed from spam and that nobody had replied to my request several hours later so he sent a note asking what happened –

        I would have rolled out the scrolling in a new theme that had no footer – I wonder if anyone will tell Matt that the stats he bragged about were fake or will that just be something that will be swept under the rug and only mentioned behind his back late at night?

        Sergio said he just did not feel like helping in the English Forum today – Richard and TT I think both left TFP – Richard just clicked on the “I be gone” button – TT posted in TFP she did not want to be there anymore – don’t know if Matt clicked her out or not – he did reply to her post on that – that was the last thing I saw – guess I should have printed out what I told Matt for my trophy case.

        Yes I have been called some very bad names at times also on some of the jobs I have had – always took the feedback and made the company work better or in some cases my design was messed up and needed major changes – never took revenge on the person that brought the feedback in – once you strike back at anyone the others will not bring in the news and ideas needed to really make a group sing.

        I think Matt is missing some great ideas (my latest for instance – not sure what to do with it – for sure it would not be well received with my name attached) – yes I would hire you to get GOOD ideas from the community and build it –

        thanks and take care

      • Thanks. Take care of yourself. You could always apply for a job as a “Happiness Engineer” under a fake name and produce your brilliant idea and get a raise!

  5. What about Infinite Scrolling – or infinite loading and Google? Will Google now downgrade blogs with the infinite scrolling since the front page will now load ALL the Posts on a particular blog. Page load times I am told are important – as a person I can see when the page jumps funny but what about a search engine.

    I also saw a few reports in the help forum about blogs where visitors had tons of stuff load that slowed down the browser (even if the load is done 8 Posts at a time the data still gets cached in the browser and after a while paging up and down gets to be a slow mess) – also it looks like infinite scrolling has crash some browsers on some sites –

    Great feature!


  6. Melissa Huff Salvatore

    May 15, 2013

    Are you from Brookhaven, New York originally? You look like someone I may know! :)

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