Participatory Art with Pierre-A. Sonolet at Science World and Waterfront Station

Posted on July 17, 2009


Got this very intriguing invitation from Judi Piggott of SynergyByDesign via email.

Pierre-A Sonolet's vancouver art events

Pierre-A Sonolet's vancouver art events

Pierre-A. Sonolet invites you to assist and participate in two performances

that will take place in Vancouver, July 19 and July 25, 2009.

Bring yours organic pigments* for a lunch performance.

Sunday, July 19, 2009 at 2:00 pm. meet at Science World where we will find a place to eat.

Speaking won’’t be necessary, but the act of throwing will be a form of both speaking and resisting the inactivity of speech;

acting out the will and drawing with food (organic pigment) can be an act of stepping outside of preconceived means of communication, to engage in a new way with a small group of people.

* Optional, bring yours organic pigments from grass, herbs to dirt and hashes.


Bring your textile* to participate in a performance

*(bed sheet, or curtain, or cheesecloth)

This is an open invitation to all inhabitants of Vancouver and beyond.

Saturday, July 25, 2009  at 1:30 pm, meet in front of Water Street skytrain station.
(we will walk and perform in at least two locations in downtown
Please confirm your participation by email:

This event is hosted by Pierre-Andre Sonolet, an artist and member of “covering up”
Vancouver skyline). Come with a household fabric of your **choice.

We will use the fabrics as screens against our bodies to hide the Vancouver skyline for a new space of possibilities.

**A cheesecloth or a light curtain are good options as they are transparent, allowing you to see through the weave of the fibers.

I need participants for both performances. Please email if you are interested: pieranders AT

Please pass this invitation to others!

Performances selected for “Pan-Demonium” currated by Gill Whiteley for AC Institute [Direct Chapel] NY, Sept., 2009.

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