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Even though I asked you.

Here are testimonials from a few of the people who’ve worked with raincoaster media:

I needed some help in the social media realm and after struggling for two weeks on my own I dropped one email to Lorraine Murphy of Raincoaster Media and it was fixed in two hours — after 10 PM.

Lorraine is a god. Hire her. Immediately.

Max Adams, screenwriter, CelluloidBlonde

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How do you recommend someone who has broken all the rules and not only lived to tell (and write) about it, but stands apart as an example for all on how to really do it, not just talk about it. I’m so sick of those who brag about what gurus and experts they are. They don’t know squat when it comes to the expert truth of Lorraine Murphy of Raincoaster Media. She put her life on the line to get the street view of what “social” really means and how to build a community and network, literally, from the ground up. Her street experience is essential to any business who really wants a clear understanding of how online business, social media, community building, and the web works from both sides of the customer experience. What she knows about social media, public relations, and marketing could set the world on fire. So how do I recommend this rule breaker? By telling you to hire her now. Stop asking all the stupid questions and doubting her – what you are really doing is doubting yourself. Stop checking out her LinkedIn BS, blogs, etc.. Trust me, it’s worth it to act now. She did, so you get the benefit of someone who really understands what you might only get a glimpse of. Do it now. Your life and business will be changed. Forever.

Lorelle Van Fossen, Official Disruptive Thinker at Bitwire Media

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“One of Lorraine’s strengths is that she gets things done, while being terrific at keeping others motivated when the going gets rough. She has a great sense of humour and listens to her team’s insight. Lorraine has a definite “take charge” attitude. Social Media Club Vancouver has definitely benefited from her reign as its President!”

Guacira Naves, V.P. Promotions, Social Media Club Vancouver, Owner, The Online Strategy House

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“Lorraine is an incredibly intelligent and entertaining speaker. She has been an absolutely delightful highlight of the last two WordCamp Victoria events! She is also an incredible, capable and prolific writer, switching styles easily from smart and engaging to witty and sarcastic, as the topic demands.”

Paul Holmes, President, IdeaZone.ca

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“Lorraine is, hands down, one of the most generous people I know. She’s all about “paying it forward”, but also has hardcore business strategy and a strong desire to help people from any and all walks of life. Her social media classes are spot-on; she’s got some serious chops in the social media realm, and I absolutely love working with her whenever the opportunity strikes. I’ve known Lorraine for years, and would work with her again at the slightest opportunity.”

Colleen Coplick, Owner, Accidental Marketing, Editor, Miss Manifesto

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“I’ve known Lorraine for a long time, working with her on several projects, a lot of which are involved with writing and writers. The first thing you notice about her, besides her energy and organizational skills, is her talent. She’s got the English language nailed down. Her writing, online and offline is incisive, witty, and LOL funny. But beyond the writing, Lorraine ‘got’; the whole social networking concept way back in the day when I was still thinking, ‘well, that won’t go anywhere, now will it?’. Lorraine understood the power of the medium, and has dominated it and made it her own. These days, I’d have to designate her a social media maven. She’s the best mediator/ facilitator that I can think of, too, she’s conscientious to a fault–you can be certain no deadlines will ever slip past her unmet. Based on that, I’d have to say that if one were to need guidance on setting up or working with social media, or needed to consult about what social media can do for you or your business, I’d call on Lorraine. If you already know what social media is about, but need some assistance or instruction to realize your goals, it’s Lorraine again. She can do workshops for a group or work with an individual one to one equally comfortably.”

Caddie T’Kenye, INDEPENDENT CONSULTANCY, British Columbia, Canada, Bunzopolis.Net

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Patty Dixon, Blogger, Snarky Retorter, PattyD

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