manifestation, intentionality, and evolution: the cybergypsy speaks!

Posted on June 20, 2007


Dragon TailYesterday I told you about Digital Divide and the laptop they donated to the rtr project (that would be this blog, the wiki, the classes, and all suchlike empowering activities). Today I’d like to put that in perspective and talk about what it means in the context of the universe and all of the esoteric and foofy things we’ve been talking about like manifestation, intentionality, and so on.

I can’t do better than to share this email I got from my friend Shahee the Cybergypsy. He’s an artist, a holistic living coach, and a raw food chef who is in demand around the world. Basically, people fly him around to create a spa retreat inside their own homes; there are worse ways to make a living, eh? I got to know him years ago when he was just a puppy, and to watch him grow his ideal life as if it were a delicate plant in his care has been an inspiration and source of vicarious pride to me. This is what he had to say when I told him about the laptop:

Hey there Lorraine!

That’s awesome that you have been provided a laptop! I’m so glad you have manifested that very useful tool! Now as for the ‘lot of work selling these blogging classes’ – I would like to suggest that you simply take some time when you can, to be still and think about all the gifts and things that you are grateful and happy (start small and build up) until you feel a real sense of gratitude, then fully visualize your self blessing your students with your insights and knowledge – then went you feel that you have clearly visualized it, then go out in to your day doing what ever you want to do. The Inner work is sooooooooo much more powerful than trying to PUSH with left brained, active-masculine ‘work’. The work can lie fallow, but the feeling of positivity and gratitude coupled with the visualization of your being in divine service doing what you will love to do will bring the flood of abundance and opportunities with very little effort! Just come from a place of gratitude and protect your energy from any and all feelings of lack, frustration or debt.

The ‘feeling’ is the most important part! This is the piece that took me so long to get. Well I hope that helps, and know that I see you fulfilling your dreams and providing your love and knowledge to the people that need you! You have so much to offer – so now we just need to help you feel abundant so the flow will open to you much more! Every day I do this – only thing is you don’t what to make this exercise an obligation – only do this when you want to. I do this every day – often numerous time a day – especially when I catch myself happy and positive about something – I then stop and start listing all the things I am grateful and happy for, to increase my feeling of positivity (like attracts like), and then visualize what it is I want to bring into being.

Know that there is a law of time delay – otherwise if we visualized an elephant, there would all of a sudden be one shitting on our floor next to us! This time delay serves us. Just don’t give up before the sprout has broken through the surface. Keep it up and that sprout that is coming up from the subconscious will flourish and blossom into even more beauty that you ever expected! Nature always wants to evolve. Positive energy is evolution. Negative energy is simply this positive flow being blocked. There is no good or bad, just that which helps evolution, and that which doesn’t. Know that I hold you very high in my mind and see your wisdom and all the wonderful things, knowledge and value that you have to offer and bring into the world.

If you feel good (on the upper side of the equilateral iceberg) – keep doing that – if you feel bad (any energy on the bottom side of that iceberg) then the quickest way to shift your energy back to that which serves you is to, stop, breathe, and start thinking about all the things you are grateful for! It’s actually really that easy! You can’t feel negativity for long if you pay attention to what you have been gifted!

I start by saying something like ‘I am so happy and grateful for the air I have to breathe’, ‘I am so happy and grateful for the comfortable bed I have slept in’, ‘I am so happy and grateful for all the wonderful friends in my life’, ‘I am so happy and grateful for the many clients that appreciate my work’, ‘I am so happy and grateful for the money I have to fulfill my needs each day’ etc. etc. etc. Until I really feel it! Then I see my self having/living the life that I want! It gets easier with practice, and the flow only grows if you do this! As you adjust to more abundance it also helps you feel more grateful and abundant!

Know that I am sending you my love and energy and support! I and many people in your life want to see you get everything you love and dream of out of life! You are one of the most incredible people in my life and that is why you have been my friend for so long! Know that my and all your friends that support you, that their energy is also flowing towards you to help you manifest what you want! You are worth every little (and big) thing you want!

Also keep in mind that on the level of quantum physics, it literally makes no difference if you want something small or something large. It is no more difficult to manifest something large or ‘expensive’, than it is to manifest a coffee – or something rather insignificant. The energy knows not size or expense. Ok well I think you probably got the point way back there somewhere so I’m going to end my rant here!

Well I hope your doing RAWesome, and I’ll keep you updated! Hope you’re having a great day and talk to you soon!

Peace, love and light!


Life Coach & Holistic Healer


shahee at tribalglobe dot com

“leave your drugs in the chemist’s pot
if you can heal the patient with food”

“Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

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