bootstrapping 2.0 or, how to start a company from nothing (with a little help from the web)

Posted on June 25, 2007


Boy in carAnyone who’s experienced poverty knows how the application of brains and energy can often make up for a lack of cash; in fact, sometimes it has to. Here’s a great post from a nonprofit startup in Guyana about how to use the web to start a fully operational, integrated and modern company, virtually for free. In their case, probably the most expensive part of the whole thing was registering the nonprofit.

This is, bar none, the single best roundup of internet collaboration resources I’ve ever seen. From FROG, via WordPress and Guy Kawasaki.

From the beginning of FROG, we knew the operation was going to be bootstrapped. A number of returned volunteers involved in the project were right out of the program and we were spread across the east coast with one member in Africa. It wasn’t possible to meet in person, so we turned to the web.

How did we do it? What tools did we use? We started out with using only a handful of apps and moved on to others as our needs changed, it has grown into quite the list. Here’s the breakdown…

Well, what are you still doing here? Go over there and read all these luscious resources, and then Bookmark them. You’re supposed to be bootstrapping here, dammit!

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