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Posted on June 6, 2007


postcard one

Remember sulz‘s postcard project from last month? Well, we registered right away and it’s arrived and we finally got a scan for your delectification. Yay, we’ve got a penpal in Malaysia! Unfortunately, half the text is in Malay and my Malay is just the teensiest bit rusty. Can anyone help a sister out?

The text on the reverse reads (at least I think it does: her writing is very neat but the postmark goes right over parts of it):

Helo raincoaster!

Apa khabar? Bagaimana dengan statistik blog hari ini? Ada makan sos mumbu baru-baru ini tak? =P

Terima kasih banyak-banyak kerana menyertai projek blog saya!

Dear raincoaster,

Have fun figuring that out! =)

I’ll toss in one more:

Saya harap postad ini tela meyerikan hari anda!


Which means, as far as I can make out:

Hi raincoaster, how’s it going? Are your blog stats doing well? Have you eaten any bum sauce lately? Thanks for participating in the postcard project. Now I know where you live, fool! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Upper Yankistan, here I come!

Or something like that.

You can see our post about the project here, and her original post announcing the postcard project here. Officially it’s closed, but if getting a postcard from a total stranger in a foreign country would brighten your day a little, this might be just the thing…or it might inspire you to do some postcarding of your own. sulz has used the WordPress.com contact form so that people can post their information and it remains confidential, going straight to her private email. Don’t ask people to put their addresses in your comments section, because you just never know who’s reading it; confidentiality matters.

Think about this the next time you look at your stats and see nothing but a gaggle of numbers. Each of those little blips is a person, some of them people you’ve never met (maybe ALL of them people you’ve never met), each one with a beating heart and a hope that reading your blog will inform, entertain, educate, or cheer them. Don’t be afraid to get real with them; the postcard project is a great way to start. Didn’t Griffin and Sabine start this way, after all?

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