Whine Journalism and how to bring the splashback

Posted on August 1, 2017


This post might better and more simply be titled: What To Do If Someone Steals Your Stuff.
Possibly the most important blog post, to the most people, that I’ve ever written. Well, other than the Chelsea Manning stuff… fifteen million petition signatures can’t be wrong!


You Are What You Drink You Are What You Drink

“I assumed they were already in the public domain on other wine review sites and liquor store sites.”

So says Canada’s #1 wine writer, Natalie MacLean, in a statement as disturbing as it is wrong-headed. It seems that, despite seeking legal advice (where, in a bar after closing time?), MacLean is under the bizarre notion that just because copyrighted work is posted to the internet, it is thereby stripped of copyright.

Allow me to disabuse her, and everyone, of this notion once and for all.

All original work published online, whether paid for or not, from CNN.com to the humblest Tumblr, is copyright the creator, as of the moment of publication, automatically and by law.

MacLean, as you can see here, has been copiously copy/pasting reviews written by other writers into her blog and website. Previous to this going nuclear in the media…

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