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paint your car for $50

May 30, 2007


Well since we’re on the subject of budget makeovers, let’s just take a gander at this and agree that the man is a genius. Considering how much time people spend in their cars, and how easy it is to let them get run-down when you haven’t the cash to get them seen to professionally, these […]

budget decorating tips

May 29, 2007


Here are some straightforward, seriously cheap tips for making your home more beautiful, from Kathy Wilson writing for Even people on brutally tight budgets can use some of these tips, starting right now. No, I don’t mean after a trip to the cash machine and Canadian Tire: I mean Right. Now. You deserve to live in a […]

starbucks without tears

May 1, 2007


or Seattle’s Best, Blenz, Joe’s, Continental, or what have you. Cafes the world over have discovered the fabulous profit margin in blended beverages and tooth-shatteringly sweet, cream-topped, caramel-festooned monstrosities that any decent Italian would laugh out of the piazza. You should, too. This is a straightforward guide to ordering cafe drinks that are both pleasurable and better for you. […]

sunrise market salad specials

April 19, 2007


Right now, Sunrise Market at the corner of Gore and Powell on the Downtown EastSide has boxed salad greens priced at two for a dollar. They have both hearts of romaine and mesclun (baby mixed greens), and both are organic. As well, loose spinach, which finally looks pretty good now that the new local crop is in, […]

the canadian meal

April 17, 2007


You won’t find it on a menu anywhere, but McDonald’s Canada offers, at $3.50, a full meal for fewer than 600 calories. Gawd only knows where I learned about this, but a Canadian meal consists of a small drink, small fries, and a cheeseburger (you can swap it for a hamburger and save 50 calories, […]


April 14, 2007


The frugal community is a densely populated one, although I’m sure they’re all meadow-fresh from the free Downy samples. A newcomer to the field of discount blogging is Supercheap right here on WordPress, listing free sample offers, surveys with prizes, and online coupons. Their posts are short, simple, and complete. Here’s an example of one: […]