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Vintage Clothing Sale at W2

February 2, 2010


Attention Alcoholic Fashionistas! You’ll want to check out this super-affordable, super-rad sale downtown at W2’s boho digs on Hastings, across from the Woodwards building. I’m probably going, because at least my head and my feet are still model-sized! And even I can afford those prices. Deets: The clothing sale is happening at W2 this Sunday […]

Save On Meats to Return to the Downtown Eastside!

August 15, 2009


Well, the grocery store and lunch counter are still here and never went anywhere, but as Gary of Save On Meats explains, the butcher shop has been closed down for a few months, much to the regret of savvy shoppers in Vangroover. Fortunately, it’s coming back in September (roughly planned for Labour Day) and will […]

Chip’s Not Dead Yet Social Media Training Group

May 8, 2009


We really need a better name than that, but this is my eighth blog post today, I think, so that is a task for another time (or perhaps the comments section?). It’s like this: you start a job in front of the computer, and the gods of social media say, “Welcome! Get comfortable! Here’s your […]


September 11, 2007


Freegeek is pretty straightforward: if you’ve got computer skillz and you’d like to put them towards something concrete, what better concrete thing than a computer? FreeGeek works this way: Whether you want to volunteer here to learn new skills, perform community service, get credit for school, or just support the cause(s), we have room for […]


July 26, 2007


Nobody says that, eh? But it’s Canada and the joke was there, so I had to use it. I ran into reBOOT today as I was taking my constitutional on the Downtown Eastside, as I have been known to do. It’s housed in an unassuming (and, indeed, almost completely unmarked) storefront on the rather funky […]

vacate the premises

July 25, 2007


Have we all heard enough from the self-proclaimed workforce martyrs who whine about how the company cannot possibly spare them for a four-day weekend once a decade? It’s great to love what you do; it’s not so great to be scared to turn your back on it. That does not speak of confidence, y’all. And […]

the frugal indulgent manifesto

July 22, 2007


It’s easy enough to live it up, given infinite amounts of cash; there are even expensive consultants to ensure you have a good time. It’s much more challenging to get out and enjoy entertainment, nightlife, fine foods, and other indulgences when you’re acutely non-prosperous (“poor”). If these things are to your taste, you will have […]

bootstrapping 2.0 or, how to start a company from nothing (with a little help from the web)

June 25, 2007


Anyone who’s experienced poverty knows how the application of brains and energy can often make up for a lack of cash; in fact, sometimes it has to. Here’s a great post from a nonprofit startup in Guyana about how to use the web to start a fully operational, integrated and modern company, virtually for free. […]

m.f.k. fisher on practicality

June 22, 2007


There are times when helpful hints about turning off the gas when not in use are foolish, because the gas has been turned off permanently, or until you can pay the bill. And you don’t care about knowing the trick of keeping bread fresh by putting a cut apple in the box because you don’t […]

crossing the digital divide…with a little help from your friends

June 19, 2007


Your friends at Digital Divide, that is. BC Digital Divide is an organization that exists to get donated computers into the hands of those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access the power of computing, because like me, Steve Jobs, and everyone else of brains and principles, they believe in the power of computers to […]

meals without kitchens: equipment

June 1, 2007


Not everyone out there has a kitchen they can use: some people live outdoors, some have rooms in hotels, boarding houses, or private homes that don’t allow them to cook, and some people are just New Yorkers. How do you eat under those circumstances if it’s unrealistic to expect to eat at restaurants all the […]