paint your car for $50

Posted on May 30, 2007


50 dollar paint job!Well since we’re on the subject of budget makeovers, let’s just take a gander at this and agree that the man is a genius. Considering how much time people spend in their cars, and how easy it is to let them get run-down when you haven’t the cash to get them seen to professionally, these instructions for painting your car (with custom trim) for $50 are pretty darn slick.

It takes a great deal of time; about a week, at two coats a day.
It takes a great deal of effort; all that handwork and sanding the entire car between coats.

Only you can say whether the payoff is great enough for you, but if you have a functioning clunker that you think would look a lot better with a new paint job that you just can’t afford to have someone else do for you, here’s a mighty fine solution. Cars are like big steel outfits that we wear for X amount of time every day. Is it worth it to you to spiff up your wheels?

And remember, there is nothing so motivating as getting something physically enormous accomplished. Nothing. And a car is pretty damn enormous, if you think about it.

You can take this amount of time and sew a pair of shorts, you can take this amount of time and catch up on your soaps for a week, or you can take this amount of time and have a car that looks brand-new, a fabulous story, a family bonding project, and a unique accomplishment for your personal “Why I rock” list.

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