the canadian meal

Posted on April 17, 2007


McLogoYou won’t find it on a menu anywhere, but McDonald’s Canada offers, at $3.50, a full meal for fewer than 600 calories. Gawd only knows where I learned about this, but a Canadian meal consists of a small drink, small fries, and a cheeseburger (you can swap it for a hamburger and save 50 calories, but no money). Order a Diet Coke instead of regular and the calorie total with hamburger comes to 480 (with cheeseburger it’s 530), quite respectable for a fast food lunch, if not as nutritionally dense as a grilled salad.

Be aware though, that at 700-900 mg of sodium (depending on burger and beverage), this is not really an option for those with high blood pressure.

You can calculate the nutritional content for your own favorite McMeal with their handy online calculator. You can get lists of ingredients and food facts on their pages here.

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