Posted on July 26, 2007



Nobody says that, eh? But it’s Canada and the joke was there, so I had to use it.

I ran into reBOOT today as I was taking my constitutional on the Downtown Eastside, as I have been known to do. It’s housed in an unassuming (and, indeed, almost completely unmarked) storefront on the rather funky block of East Hastings at Hawks, next to the Gulf and Fraser Credit Union, and across the street from that wicked cool gallery. I only noticed it because of the cool logo and the flyer in the window, and the fact that it smelled clean.
reBOOT takes in used computers, gives them a bit of nip and tuck, and releases them out into the wild, at prices so low they’re almost subterranian. Check it out:

For Sale as of April 27, 2007

Monday 2-6pm
Tuesday 12-4pm
Friday 12-4pm

Contact Lucy

  • Pentium 3 IBM computer with monitor for low-income individuals and nonprofit organizations (must have a Leisure Access card): $45

  • 17″ LCD monitors $100

  • Pentium 3 laptop computers with 10-20 gig hard drive $200-$250

  • Pentium 4 Dell computers with LCD monitor (without CD drive) or with external DVD writer with LCD for $375

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