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Eat.Drink.Tweet in Penticton Feb 17-19

January 27, 2012


Yes, I’m a conference junkie, but at least I’m addicted to speaking at them rather than paying to attend. And once again, Allison Markin the Social Media Queen of the Okanagan has invited me to speak at Eat.Drink.Tweet, a social media conference dedicated to food, wine, tourism, and of course, social media. As you might […]

Tea Party On, Dudes!

September 22, 2010


Image via Wikipedia I can’t resist a tea party. Unfortunately, I’ll HAVE to miss this one, as I’m going to be out of town. Still, the least I can do is post it (even though it goes against my “I’m not event blogging anymore” self-imposed rule; still nobody asked me to do it, so at […]

Brian Atene on personal, thespianal, and alcoholic marketing strategy

April 24, 2010


You may be familiar with internet superstar Brian Atene from his impressive, even unforgettable debut in Hello Mister Kubrick, or perhaps our longtime fandom over on, or maybe you’re familiar with The Greatest Motivational Video Ev-Ar! Here we present his musings on jobhunting, resume preparation, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Italian restaurants, personal presentation, satori, the […]

Reading is Sexy Calendar Launch this Thursday

November 30, 2009


Stolen (or rather, re-purposed) from the Shebeen Club blog. Come out and see the most photogenic of Vangroover’s literati in this year’s hottest centerfolds! Yes, writers posed Calendar Girls-style, to raise money to fight dyslexia. Calendars will be available for sale at $20 (hellooooo, great gift item!) and this’ll be your chance to get them […]

Save On Meats to Return to the Downtown Eastside!

August 15, 2009


Well, the grocery store and lunch counter are still here and never went anywhere, but as Gary of Save On Meats explains, the butcher shop has been closed down for a few months, much to the regret of savvy shoppers in Vangroover. Fortunately, it’s coming back in September (roughly planned for Labour Day) and will […]

Olio Festival free show tonight!

August 13, 2009


Take your umbrellas, my friends! THURSDAY AUGUST 13TH 2009, that’s TONIGHT! CHILL WINSTON presents the OLIO FESTIVAL ACCORD The Olio Festival Accord is the Olio Festivals free all ages outdoor kick off party for the 1st nite of Olio Festival in historic Gastown! featuring bands ANALOG BELL SERVICE SUNWIZARD MAKEOUT VIDEOTAPE HAROLD […]

RAIN Issue 3 Release Party June 2

May 18, 2009


Come celebrate the release of issue 3 of rain at Cafe Deux Soleils, 2096 Commercial Drive! Starts at 8pm. The evening will include: The Talented Aly D as our Awesome EMCEE! Matt Hern – wil talk about Urban Density Featuring some of the musicians from the CD: Brendan McLeod Jesse Waldman Martin Reisle (of Maria […]

Summer Evenings in Kits with FHS Events

May 16, 2009


Warm Weather Lovers! Let’s continue celebrating spring at my first ever event in Kitsilano, at one of the newest restaurants in the area! Join me after work for a few drinks and delicious appies in a very laid back atmosphere with down-to-earth and very friendly professionals who know how to work hard and play hard! […]

myfoodphone: phoneblogging your diet for free

August 13, 2007


Now this is interesting to those of us with cellcams and a habit of photographing our food. Sprint, the phone company, has come up with MyFoodPhone, a service where you essentially photoblog your meals from your phone and a nutritional advisor checks them out once every two weeks and gives you feedback on your choices. […]

the most boring thing in the world

June 4, 2007


Well, maybe air is boring-er, but not by much. I’m talking about water. You need it, a body’s gotta have it, but good lord in heaven is it dull stuff. And I dunno about your bathroom, but mine just isn’t such a fabulous oasis of delights that I care to spend half my day in […]

starbucks without tears

May 1, 2007


or Seattle’s Best, Blenz, Joe’s, Continental, or what have you. Cafes the world over have discovered the fabulous profit margin in blended beverages and tooth-shatteringly sweet, cream-topped, caramel-festooned monstrosities that any decent Italian would laugh out of the piazza. You should, too. This is a straightforward guide to ordering cafe drinks that are both pleasurable and better for you. […]