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blogsurfing: light on my feet

August 16, 2007


I encourage you to check out this compelling weight-loss blog. You have got to respect her attitude, her honesty, and her commitment. With a specific goal, a positive, proactive attitude, tracking tools (like, say, a blog!) and access to health professonals, she is doing everything right to lay the groundwork for lifelong success. And she’s […]

myfoodphone: phoneblogging your diet for free

August 13, 2007


Now this is interesting to those of us with cellcams and a habit of photographing our food. Sprint, the phone company, has come up with MyFoodPhone, a service where you essentially photoblog your meals from your phone and a nutritional advisor checks them out once every two weeks and gives you feedback on your choices. […]

diary of a (hard) liver

July 26, 2007


Here’s an intriguing article from the Times of London, the alcohol diary of a columnist who thought: Oh hey, I’m getting on, maybe I should start cutting down, just in case, you know. Then he found out how much he really had been drinking, day in and day out. Not a pretty picture: I had […]

diet-safe cake

July 10, 2007


We’ve all wanted to have our cake and eat it, too. And once you’re “of a certain age” you’d rather like to not gain any weight from it, either. Well, the blog curiouslycrafty has answered our prayers with their latest creation, which, while lush and satisfyingly rich, has fewer than fifteen calories a serving. Life-size […]

the most boring thing in the world

June 4, 2007


Well, maybe air is boring-er, but not by much. I’m talking about water. You need it, a body’s gotta have it, but good lord in heaven is it dull stuff. And I dunno about your bathroom, but mine just isn’t such a fabulous oasis of delights that I care to spend half my day in […]

meals without kitchens: equipment

June 1, 2007


Not everyone out there has a kitchen they can use: some people live outdoors, some have rooms in hotels, boarding houses, or private homes that don’t allow them to cook, and some people are just New Yorkers. How do you eat under those circumstances if it’s unrealistic to expect to eat at restaurants all the […]


May 26, 2007


It’s no secret that actresses face ridiculous pressure to be thin, and it’s equally obvious that, rightly or wrongly, they are role models for their more impressionable fans (yes, I know that’s a redundant expression). And it’s not always their healthy choices that are the most popular, to say the least. Defamer has gone ahead and coined the […]

starting bonus

May 22, 2007


Starting a program to improve your physical health can be intimidating, so much so that some people never do it, feeling vaguely, uncomfortably guilty their entire lives. You’re to be congratulated for the steps you’re taking, including reading this blog (we’re not sure it’s doing you any good, but it makes our hearts stronger!). Now I’m […]


May 14, 2007


We’ve finally gotten our wiki up and running, although we haven’t stocked the pond yet. We’ll be adding in the resources and tips that you’ve posted over the next week or so, so you don’t have to go back and do it twice. Right now, we have our Home page, our Fitness page, our Personal […]

the self challenge

May 11, 2007


Some time back I referred to this Challenge, and it’s high time I elaborated on my remarks there. The Self Challenge, run by Self magazine, is a three-month program designed for fitness beginners or those coming back from a significant layoff and who want to improve their physical condition. It’s covered in the magazine extensively, […]

looking at 300 calories

May 2, 2007


Here is what 300-400 calorie meals look like. The Diet Blog has a short photo feature on meals that fall into this range. We can’t always be having Quarter Pounder meals, and here are some nice, balanced alternatives when you don’t want something heavy. It must be noted, however, that I have no clue what “reduced […]