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ION Magazine’s 6th Anniversary Party

May 19, 2009


Should be an epic party; I know for a fact that Danny Fazio was thrown off the Scorpions tour for being too raucous. Think about it; getting thrown off a metal band tour for being too hard to handle. This party should be a blast! from the Facebook page: This year, ION celebrates its best […]

Techforms: Contribute, Communicate, Connect!

March 5, 2009


EXPERIENCE Starting at 9PM PST on the night of March 6, 2009, the Great Northern Way Campus in Vancouver will be connected live to SAT in Montreal via fibre optic cable and mobile camera operators streaming live footage to in-house projection screens at both locations. With VJs mixing new and archival footage, the two cities […]

a little motivational mood music

July 31, 2007


Because sometimes you just need Elvis to give you a little bit of a kick in the ass. And here he is! Hail the King! No lyrics this time, because quite frankly they’re not the best thing about this song. Man, that was another age: a sexist, hound-doggin’ age. But Elvis is still The King! […]

dance to inspire, inspire to dance

June 18, 2007


This is a great video about how to just get over the rules and restrictions we put on ourselves and enjoy the simple pleasure of dance. It’s both literal and metaphorical, and the vid is studded with inspirational quotes, well worth the watching. Video over the jump, as always. :: :: :: :: :: :: […]

staying hyped – momo

June 14, 2007


Yes, it’s another trip into the momo zone! This one is an interesting video about letting inspiration into your life and what to do with it once it’s there. Think about that for a second: what good is inspiration going to do you if you don’t take the actions that it inspires? Linked to this […]

come on, get happy!

May 28, 2007


Oh, don’t try to pretend you don’t secretly love this song! Spring is turning into Summer and it is officially the proper time of year for dumb, upbeat tunes. This is among the best. Click to play and bliss out for a groovy and totally happenin’ mental vacation of just over 60 seconds. Ladies and gentlemen, […]

the whole wide world wide web, put in perspective

May 21, 2007


  This is a classic of the internets. In cyberyears it’s about coeval with the earliest life forms, and all online life as we know it has descended from that root. This explains a great deal. The Perfect Artistic Website is indeed a perfect artistic website, but it’s even better as a sort of etch-a-sketch for […]

what’s your horse in the country?

May 18, 2007


This is a beautiful song about freedom deferred, and a thought-provoking lesson in the sacrifices people make on a daily basis, putting their dreams aside or squashing them into the corners of their lives rather than giving up what they’ve settled for to chase what they love. It’s never easy to find that balance; it is always worth […]

silent beats

May 17, 2007


Sorry, dialup users, it’s another YouTube. This one is silent beats, a student film which won the Princess Grace Award. It’s a beautiful piece about first impressions and assumptions, something like David Bowie’s I’m Afraid of Americans. Video over the jump. community wikipage :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

the fragile

May 14, 2007


Here’s another song from Nine Inch Nails (I know, I know, we’re all about the NIN, but what can we say: we’re all about the NIN and besides, you’d be hard-pressed to find a band that writes about these issues quite so well). This particular song has some points that are positive and some that […]

everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen)

May 4, 2007


This is possibly the best address to a graduating class in history, and maybe one of the best speeches, period. It originally appeared as a Mary Schmich column in the Chicago Tribune called Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young. This dazzling video is what adding a little Baz Luhrman to that text […]