ION Magazine’s 6th Anniversary Party

Posted on May 19, 2009


Ion Party invitation

Should be an epic party; I know for a fact that Danny Fazio was thrown off the Scorpions tour for being too raucous. Think about it; getting thrown off a metal band tour for being too hard to handle.

This party should be a blast!

from the Facebook page:

This year, ION celebrates its best year yet! Along with the magazine’s fresh re-design, ION takes on a two-level, 7000 sqft, non-operating bank located near Vancouver’s soon-to-be Olympic Village.


Feel free to come by the ION office starting Thursday May 22.
The ION office is open 10AM-4PM, Mon-Thurs.

or purchase your tickets anytime online at Eventbrite



Trevor Risk is a different man depending on the time of day. If you run into Trevor early in the afternoon, he’ll be working hard on the next issue of Ion Magazine. He’s the music editor there, and a mid-day meeting with him will generally be filled with talk of which bands need new publicists, and which ones need to release a new album to stay current. Dinnertime with Mister Risk will require earplugs as you’ll probably be in a rehearsal space listening to his pop band The Good News. Friends of K-Os, The New Pornographers, and Tegan and Sara, The Good News will bring heavenly verses and choruses down from the clouds for you. Late nights with our hero are spent at the finest nightclubs in Vancouver, as he is the city’s most affluent DJ. Whether it’s his 50s/60s night, or his raging glitz-house evenings, you’ll enjoy yourself and tip a few bottles. Find Vancouver, find Trevor, and you’ve found yourself a pretty fab weekend.


Rising from the puddles of Vancouver, Canada are a duo who speak to both
our love of party-anthem-disco-thrash, and our love of visible minorities. Zia
Hirji and Samuel Kintu spin “records” for “clubbers” with their turn “tables”,
all the while giving each other fives and winks with all the precise panache of
a tag team wrestling combo in the late eighties. It’s a joy just to watch them,
but it’s an experience to listen to them.