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The Internet: Circa 1880

March 19, 2014


There are SOME drawbacks to living 90% off the grid. The inability of a digital reporter to earn a living, for instance. I could solve this with a $10 unlimited data phone card from 7-11, a $200 thermal converter and an efficient rocket stove that would take two weeks to make, but in order to […]

Job: Digital Content Creator, Rainforest Alliance

March 15, 2014


It’s not often you see a job listing with THAT image, but it is today, and the job is a digital communications, fundraising, and strategy position with the very well-respected Rainforest Alliance. Full listing is here, but the original image was on Facebook. Whoever runs their digital communications currently is pretty smart, because they know […]

Bitcoin News Roundup: ecologically responsible, safe, and officially currency: or is it???

March 14, 2014


It’s a mixed bag on the Bitcoin front today. The Wall Street Journal (via Dealbreaker) reports that Singapore, flying in the face of most other Asian nations, is all good with Bitcoin and has ruled that it comes under the domain of The Monetary Authority of Singapore. This means they’re saying it is a currency, […]

Free office furniture in Strathcona

September 4, 2013


This came in an email from the Strathcona BIA. Note that it is ONLY tomorrow, Thursday, and that you have to pick up your picked-out items within a week. Contact them via this link for info on where the event is being held. Desks, chairs, reception furniture, sideboards, filing cabinets, and more! Are you in […]

Vancouver Farmer’s Markets Are Hiring; get the juicy details here!

February 23, 2010


Yes, my friend assures me that working for a farmer’s market will guarantee you instant celebrity and access to the freshest roots and berries the urban jungle can provide. The Vancouver Farmers Market group has posted several jobs now, but they say they will post more in the future, for junior positions, so get tweaking […]

Art and Ecology event at Van Dusen Gardens

July 13, 2009


Art and Ecology, a talk on the intersection of art practice and responsible land use with John K. Grande, is at the VanDusen Gardens this Thursday. This is taken from the Facebook invitation: You are invited to join us for an evening presentation and discussion about environmental art: Thursday July 16 6:30-9:00pm at VanDusen Botanical […]

Car-Free Festival on the Drive

June 8, 2009


Join the Commerical Drive Car-Free Festival, Sunday, June 14th, all day until 8pm. I’d love to tell you how to volunteer, what to expect, what time the bands go onstage, etc, but the poster they emailed out is too small to read. Just show up and have fun! Volunteers also needed, apply here. UPDATE: found […]

Green Inner-City Cluster Kickoff

June 1, 2009


I’m sitting at Workspace looking out over Crab Park (the green space formerly known as Portside Park, if only to bureaucrats at City Hall who just couldn’t give up control long enough to use the name people had been using for it for ten years) thinking that the much-ballyhoo’d Carrall Street Greenway consists primarily of […]