Green Inner-City Cluster Kickoff

Posted on June 1, 2009


I’m sitting at Workspace looking out over Crab Park (the green space formerly known as Portside Park, if only to bureaucrats at City Hall who just couldn’t give up control long enough to use the name people had been using for it for ten years) thinking that the much-ballyhoo’d Carrall Street Greenway consists primarily of new, fancy kinds of concrete, and that they actually ripped out the grass verge and replaced it with pavement. Yes, if there’s one thing the DTES needs (other than more effective rehab centres) it’s green consciousness and green projects.

Which brings me to the following, which I got from BOB. You can follow the Greening the Inner City blog here on

Crab Park by bluegoose0fox on Flickr

Crab Park by bluegoose0fox on Flickr


We are pleased to have Councilor Andrea Reimer giving the opening address.  She is a leader in BC’s environmental movement and a member of the Mayor’s Greenest City Action Team.

Join the Greening the Inner-city team for the kickoff event for BOB’s Green Inner-city Cluster.  Learn from local green business leaders such as Toby Barazzuol of Eclipse Awards and Louise Schwartz of the Recycling Alternative on how being green can be a competitive advantage for your organization.  Topics covered will include:

  • Marketing Sustainability
  • Greening Your Organization
  • Green Buildings and Green Roofs
  • Recycling and Waste Reduction
  • Collaborating to increase efficiency
  • Urban Agriculture

There will be presentations but also peer learning opportunities where attendees can share what has worked most successfully at their own organization.

Time: June 10th 10:00-2:00

Location: Japanese Language School, 487 Alexander Street

Cost: Free (includes lunch, coffee, etc.)

RSVP: andrew.mckay at

Toby, the cluster, and Strathcona BIA’s efforts were recently profiled in the Vancouver Courier.

Please join us on June 10th if you want to work towards greening your business or greening the inner-city.

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