Posted on May 26, 2007


Keira KnightlyIt’s no secret that actresses face ridiculous pressure to be thin, and it’s equally obvious that, rightly or wrongly, they are role models for their more impressionable fans (yes, I know that’s a redundant expression). And it’s not always their healthy choices that are the most popular, to say the least. Defamer has gone ahead and coined the term “Fanorexia” to describe the attempt to follow your favorite actress’s lead by dieting away to a lolipop body.

Defamer says:

Kate Bosworth and Keira Knightley both became stars playing the leads in films about healthy, headstrong female athletes, which only heightens the irony of what they’ve become: flesh-covered sticks swimming in size zero designerwear, with barely enough energy to raise their now giant-seeming heads to answer the endless barrage of press junket questions launched at them.

But did you know that anorexia is the deadliest mental illness? It’s true: 15% of anorexia sufferers will die from the disease. Over 11% of women in American universities are bulimic. And 80% of ten year old girls are on diets.

Here is a look at the disease from the point of view of an anorexic, made by a survivor, in memory of a victim. Take a look at these images, which are not photoshopped, and give some thought to the suffering, both mental and physical, that this disease causes in its victims and their families. Video over the jump.

mental health wikipage

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