Copia’s First Anniversary

Posted on March 31, 2013




Since I became a reporter, I’ve had much less need to network IRL and much more need to network online, but there is one networking group that I truly support, and that’s Copia. It was started a year ago April 3 by my friend and mentor Alanna Fero, whose intuitive life coaching has seriously helped me to make major, positive changes in my life. Her networking group is very much like her: it’s business, but it’s informed and soulful business. Sounds too woo-woo for you? Think again: girlfriend lives in an apartment the size of a mansion overlooking Stanley Park, so that would be pretty good proof that her instincts and skills are pretty boss. If you know Alanna, I don’t have to tell you this, but if you don’t know her, you should.

Which is where the one-year anniversary party comes in. Here’s the announcement from Meetup:

Wednesday, April 3, 11:45 AM to 2:15 PM

Pol Roger room adjacent to Cafe Fleurie in the Sutton Place hotel at Robson and Burrard.

IT’S BEEN A YEAR ALREADY!  70 Events, 1000s of Referrals and Lots of Amazing Collaborations begun in our space.  Come celebrate with us!

We’ll do lots of connection-making with a larger-than-average crowd, have a year-in-review presentation and then hear about some of the relationships, sales, collaborations and creations which have begun in our space.  Our goal is always your success and inspiration – idealism intertwined with pragmatism – Copia is, after all, WHERE HIGHER SELF MEETS BOTTOM LINE.

Please invite your friends and colleagues – we’re inviting the press and we want the best turnout possible.

READY TWEET for you to copy, paste & use:  Amazing Conscious Business Network #copiavan celebrating 1st anniv w/ a networking party – prizes, media, cake!


  • Lindsay Smith, Founder of both TechVibes and Massive Media
  • Meredith Nicole, Oden Gallery (featured on CTV’s Intersections)
  • David Westdorp, Founder, RDANA Technology (winner of BCTIA’s People’s Choice Award for Best New Software)
  • Maggie McKee, Vital Wellness
  • Charlie James, Intuitive Strategies
  • Karen Laskey, Laskey Counselling & Hypnotherapy
  • Susan Rowan, Miracle Wellness Products, Bellingham

$20 cash at door or $21 online in advance includes 2 hour meeting,

special buffet appies & birthday cake

Sorry no cheques or cc on site

Make cc payments online in advance @

Copia meetings do all the relationship-building, promotion and sales of any regular business network, but add the depth of Spirit Venture: an awareness of life purpose, an openness to meeting your whole self and not just your business persona, and an intention to support the wellness and authentic self-actualization of every member of our community. You’ll never feel better about your business or more excited about your life!


Questions? alanna [at] copiaspirit [dot] com.

Never miss a meeting! Send an email to notices [at] copiaspirit [dot] com to be added to the Copia notices list.


Copia is for you if:

• you admire great entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Anita Roddick, Mark Cuban, Arlene Dickinson, Yvon Chouinard, Jeffrey Hollender, Larry Page & Sergey Bren, and Ben Cohen, every one of whom credits intuition as a cornerstone of their key decisions;

• you read books and watch webcasts on productivity, innovation, marketing, systems (or at least save and bookmark titles and wish you had time to get back to them!) because lifelong learning and getting better at what you do to get more out of life is something that matters to you;

• you feel a sense of purpose, mission or dharma in your life or business… or you have a longing to feel more of that and would like some support to help you get there;

• you run your business or career with a higher code of conduct and decision-making than mere market standards or even conventional ethics, knowing that we are what we do and what we invest in (money, time, energy, thought… it’s all karma at work);

• you try to make time for a spiritual life, perhaps you have a personal practice, probably a strong sense of purpose or dharma, yet you sometimes find yourself struggling to earn the living you desire or to balance time and priorities so they work for you;

• you enjoy learning, growing and connecting in a positive environment which attracts other smart seekers, supports your authenticity and courage, and offers insight to take you just that little bit farther than you could go on your own;

• you would enjoy meeting and feel more confident exchanging business referrals with a community of people who seek to live with awareness in action, who embrace Integral living and a quadruple bottom line (people, planet, profit and presence), and who renew their choice every day to take their souls to work;

• you believe in being for things instead of against them; that abundance leaves no room for scarcity; that love can always conquer fear; and that there is no conflict between spiritual consciousness and material success;

• you’re still reading whether you feel like any of the above described you bang-on or not – something is resonating. YOU ARE CURIOUS; it’s time to learn more.

@copiavan | #copiavan

Please bring $20 cash for the meeting and your meal or PREPAY $21 by credit card here: Sorry, no cheques, please.

Please RSVP, arrive early, bring plenty of business cards, small marketing display items for our Marketplace Table and, if you like, a door prize to give away and improve your brand.