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How to Access Banned Blogs

October 29, 2013


Originally posted on Lorelle on WordPress:
As discussed in Banned Again: Why Aren’t You Concerned?, continues to be a target for censorship and blocking from various countries and groups around the world attempting to penalize the whole for the “wrongs” of the few the courts or governments decide to penalize, those cutting off…

Beware the ToS Rights Grab of Headliner

October 8, 2013


Originally posted on Memoirs of an Underwater Photographer:
This is just a warning folks…. This came to my attention recently, has integrated a new 3rd Party Service into its post blogging panel (you know, the panel that comes up after you publish a post). I wondered about it – ostensibly it looks like a…

Jobs: Automattic is hiring!

October 6, 2013


Very clever, guys! They messed with the search function on the Support documents so that no matter what you search for WORK WITH US comes up first. But if people have to search the Support docs, are they really the people you want to hire? Oh well, here are the specs, and one thing you […]

WordPress Pingback Hack Attack

May 2, 2013


What’s going on? This: Are you a WordPress blogger? Yes? Did you spend the weekend attacking a gaming site? No? Don’t be so sure. Incapsula, a Web services company that offers protection from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, has announced that over the weekend one of its clients was the object of a sophisticated […]

Self Promotion for Bloggers

September 19, 2012

5, you’re on your own. If you’re a sad blogger who’s been wondering where the Showcase (Self-Promotion) forum and the What I Posted Today threads have gone, you may now throw off your mourning veil and rejoice! For Hnsaifi has created this thread on BloggersUnion to replace them all. Post direct links to the […]

The Cookie Dance

May 1, 2012


my Google+ problem fixed thanks to @raincoaster. Now I have to find out whether it's of any use. — GeorgeMonbiot (@GeorgeMonbiot) May 1, 2012 Oh, am I going to gloat about this? YOU DAMN WELL BET I AM! And what was this nugget of 24 karat genius that I was able to impart to crusading […]

WordPress Jobs; Pack a parka and prep your php…

February 16, 2012


Got this on G+ via Twitter from Ryan Hellyer who works at the company, Metronet. Here’s the post on Codepoet: If you, like us, think that Code is Poetry, you might just be the person we are looking for! Metronet is a Norwegian Internet Consultancy Company that specializes in the four areas of Search (PPC […]