How to Access Banned Blogs

Posted on October 29, 2013


Since Russia has started blocking and interfering with people’s right to freely share their words, it looks like it’s time to reblog this. Lorelle is THE authority. While the article is several years old, so it a lot of Putin’s tech, so good luck!

Lorelle on WordPress bannedAs discussed in Banned Again: Why Aren’t You Concerned?, continues to be a target for censorship and blocking from various countries and groups around the world attempting to penalize the whole for the “wrongs” of the few the courts or governments decide to penalize, those cutting off thousands of blogs from access.

I was also recently blocked from accessing Gmail and this blog from a free hotel WIFI in Chicago, which inspired me to write How Do You Know If Your Blog is Banned or Blocked? on the Blog Herald, as your blog can be blocked from anywhere at any time, not just by a country or legal decision. Bans and blocks can happen from companies, educational institutions, public WIFI access points, Internet Providers, and more.

I contacted support about the options and did some digging to find out how bloggers were getting around…

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