Jobs: Automattic is hiring!

Posted on October 6, 2013


wordpress pingback attack


Very clever, guys! They messed with the search function on the Support documents so that no matter what you search for WORK WITH US comes up first. But if people have to search the Support docs, are they really the people you want to hire? Oh well, here are the specs, and one thing you will want to know is that at least for editorial and Happiness Engineer positions, they want ZERO SNARK. All the snark in the forums must be concentrated in me, apparently by Matt’s Edict.

Positions they’re hiring for:


And here’s some more background:

How We Work

Choose your own adventure · Everyone works from their own home or office, and we’re spread out all over the world — California, Texas, New York, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Iceland, Bulgaria, Australia, and more. We track about 70% of our projects on P2-themed blogs, 25% on private IRC channels, and the rest on Skype or AIM. Because of the geographic variance, we’re active pretty much 24/7. We care about the work you produce, not just the hours you put in.

Would you like to know a bit more about what it’s like to be part of Automattic? Check out Daily Tekk’s interview with Sara Rosso, where she talks about our culture, how we work, how we keep in touch, how we communicate, and how we have fun. Here’s some coverage in the Wall Street Journal.

Coming on board · When you make it past the interview stage we’ll do a project together on contract, typically lasting between 3-8 weeks, to see how we work together. When you join full-time, regardless of your position, you’ll do customer support for for your first three weeks. We believe this early connection with the people who use our products is irreplaceable.

Here is the link to the original posting.

I know many people who’ve applied at Automattic and some who even got hired. Let me just say; the weeding-out process is BRUTAL. You are indeed expected to work for them full-time for several weeks while they figure out whether or not you’re a keeper, which means you cannot have another full time job. I’ve heard that the work during this period is unpaid, but their use of the word “contract” might indicate otherwise. Anyway, don’t sign a contract that doesn’t specify you get paid. Once you are hired, if you are hired, they pay well and allow amazing amounts of autonomy, and the benefits are great.

So if you are snark-free and highly competent in any of the above fields, as well as familiar with WordPress software, give it a shot and say I sent you. If you’re snarky and incompetent, say Stephen Harper sent you.

Oh, and if you can’t live without BBQ, mention that right up front. Trust me on this.