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Vancouver Blogger Meetup: Social Media Etiquette Panel

May 28, 2009


Vancouver’s Blogger’s Meetup this month features a panel containing (as if she can be contained) yours truly, Shane Gibson of ClosingBigger, Raul Pacheco of Hummingbird604, and moderated by social media maven Colleen Coplick of Wantsa. We’ve been talking about doing this panel since Northern Voice put out their call for talks (November? Something like that) […]

Summer Evenings in Kits with FHS Events

May 16, 2009


Warm Weather Lovers! Let’s continue celebrating spring at my first ever event in Kitsilano, at one of the newest restaurants in the area! Join me after work for a few drinks and delicious appies in a very laid back atmosphere with down-to-earth and very friendly professionals who know how to work hard and play hard! […]

First Thursdays for Arts and Cultural Workers

May 15, 2009


First Thursdays Alibi Room 5:30 pm For those of you who have a hand in running an arts organization. If you spend your days writing grants, staring at spreadsheets, contemplating how to grow your audience…. well, it’s time to get out of the office! We want YOU to come out to our casual get-together every […]

Facebook Manners: a video

April 16, 2009


Here’s a cute introduction to Facebook manners. Hmmm, I’ve broken one of these rules; can you guess which? At least they don’t have anything against trawling other people’s events to see what you’d like to attend! Point form notes coming once I edit this post. more about “Facebook Manners and you“, posted with vodpod

Mental Health Camp April 25th

April 12, 2009


Mental Health Camp is an Unconference around the interaction between social media and mental illness, focused on using digital tools for healing, support, and community. It’s being organized by Raul Pacheco and Isabella Mori and will be presented at the Workspace in downtown Vancouver on Saturday, April 25th. This is the first year it’s taking […]

commenter’s remorse

September 5, 2007


Most people’s first introduction to writing for blogs is commenting on other people’s blogs; it’s a gateway drug for sure! Some, in fact, develop more of a reputation as commenters than they do as bloggers, and if your wit and wisdom is expressed best in two-to-three sentence bursts, that’s probably right and good. But if […]

momo’s call to action

September 4, 2007


If you’re at all serious about making positive change in your life, and doing it now, rather than in some faint, far-off perhaps never to be realized distant wonderland, you should watch this video. Now. :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

video meditation: handling suppression and judgement

August 27, 2007


I like this series of videos; alas, their blog seems not to be updating much lately, in addition to being in a template too narrow to display YouTubes properly. As usual, I’ve put the video over the jump so it doesn’t slow the blog down for people on dialup. This is a good basic meditation, […]

On Responsibility: Chief Arvol Looking Horse

August 20, 2007


Each of us is put here in this time and this place to personally decide the future of humankind. Did you think you were put here for something less? ~~~Chief Arvol Looking Horse~~~ via Seismic Twitch :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

how cheap is life?

August 10, 2007


To murderer Geraldine Beasley of 2500 block of Victory Parkway, even the phantom of an imaginary quarter she might give away was worth more to her than the life of 44 year old Donald Francis. He asked her for a quarter. She shot him dead. Donald Francis, who police believe was homeless, stood outside a […]

life advice from dead people: F. Scott Fitzgerald

August 1, 2007


Hey, some of them were pretty smart, for dead people. Take F.Scott Fitzgerald here: he wrote what many consider to be the Great American Novel (everyone who doesn’t consider it to be Huck Finn, that is). And he also wrote these very wise little precepts for his daughter, which I borrowed from One Little Detail’s […]