video meditation: handling suppression and judgement

Posted on August 27, 2007


Buddha’s blue meditationI like this series of videos; alas, their blog seems not to be updating much lately, in addition to being in a template too narrow to display YouTubes properly. As usual, I’ve put the video over the jump so it doesn’t slow the blog down for people on dialup.

This is a good basic meditation, entirely accessible for beginners, designed to help you deal with hostility and judgement from others in a positive and active way. The video focuses on our own feelings and actions and state of being, rather than blaming or returning the aggression. Yes, sometimes you’ve got to take it up with the other person, but sometimes you don’t have to try to control anyone else; you can change the world by changing yourself. If you don’t step into the ring with your constant adversary, but go find something enjoyable to do, they’re left standing there like a fool; this is particularly effective on family members.

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