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resting heart rate: a benchmark

May 31, 2007


Boy, there’s nothing so exciting as taking out a watch and a calculator and settling down to do some math, eh? Hoo boy, I’ll bet you’re excited! Well who wouldn’t be? But there’s a reason I’m making you do your homework (don’t look away from the monitor…I can see you, ya know! I have the […]

i’ze in ur gym

May 29, 2007


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May 26, 2007


It’s no secret that actresses face ridiculous pressure to be thin, and it’s equally obvious that, rightly or wrongly, they are role models for their more impressionable fans (yes, I know that’s a redundant expression). And it’s not always their healthy choices that are the most popular, to say the least. Defamer has gone ahead and coined the […]

starting bonus

May 22, 2007


Starting a program to improve your physical health can be intimidating, so much so that some people never do it, feeling vaguely, uncomfortably guilty their entire lives. You’re to be congratulated for the steps you’re taking, including reading this blog (we’re not sure it’s doing you any good, but it makes our hearts stronger!). Now I’m […]

preventing injuries in a beginning fitness program

May 21, 2007


When you’re out of shape and you start to take action to become fit, it’s natural to want to progress as quickly as you possibly can. Unfortunately, what often happens is that instead you progress as quickly as you think you can until your body experiences a strain it can’t adapt to and then you stop […]

maslow’s hierarchy of needs: a benchmark

May 17, 2007


Found via a loopy stagger around and off sulz‘s blog. Cross-posted from raincoaster. As always with our Benchmarks, we suggest that you copy the results of your test and post them in your blog for self-knowledge and future comparison. We’re all evolving, and it’s a huge boost to recognize just how far you may have come since […]

balance: a quote

May 16, 2007


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May 14, 2007


We’ve finally gotten our wiki up and running, although we haven’t stocked the pond yet. We’ll be adding in the resources and tips that you’ve posted over the next week or so, so you don’t have to go back and do it twice. Right now, we have our Home page, our Fitness page, our Personal […]

the self challenge

May 11, 2007


Some time back I referred to this Challenge, and it’s high time I elaborated on my remarks there. The Self Challenge, run by Self magazine, is a three-month program designed for fitness beginners or those coming back from a significant layoff and who want to improve their physical condition. It’s covered in the magazine extensively, […]

everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen)

May 4, 2007


This is possibly the best address to a graduating class in history, and maybe one of the best speeches, period. It originally appeared as a Mary Schmich column in the Chicago Tribune called Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young. This dazzling video is what adding a little Baz Luhrman to that text […]

living in the moment

May 4, 2007


Guest Blogger: this time, this space Learn to Live a Simple, Authentic Life in the Present Moment We spend a lot of time dwelling on the past and worrying about the future. We have either forgotten or have never learned how to live a simple, authentic life in the present moment. Tasks we have started […]