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Posted on May 4, 2007


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Learn to Live a Simple, Authentic Life in the Present Moment

We spend a lot of time dwelling on the past and worrying about the future. We have either forgotten or have never learned how to live a simple, authentic life in the present moment.

Tasks we have started but not finished can often lead to toxicity, in our environment, in our living space, in our relationships, in our direction and of course, in our physical body.

By establishing a system of elimination we can provide an outlet to remove unnecessary clutter in our life. This can be mental, emotional, spiritual or physical clutter and often comes in the form of unfinished business.

It’s not just the past we remember that influences the present. Positive memories haunt us, too, making us long with nostalgia for the freedom and excitement of days gone by. But to a large extent, the unremembered past shapes the feeling tone of our lives, sometimes calling forth confidence, generosity, and exuberance, and at other times unexplained anxiety, despair, and physical illness. Therefore it’s time to recognize forgiveness is a gift we give to our “self” in order to enable moving forward.

Make Peace with the Past – release painful emotions, revise limiting decisions you made in the past, feel more empowered, and view the events of early times from a higher perspective. Do this whenever you recognize that past issues and past decisions are hampering your ability to move forward.

Eliminate any energy you may still be storing in your past .

·         Close off all unfinished business or incomplete cycles of action (work, finances, family, partner, friends, health and well being etc.);

·         Remove toxic thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours from your mind simply by focusing on what you want, not on what you don’t want;

·         De-clutter and simplify your life, your house, car, garage, wardrobe, office etc.

·         Eliminate any old energy that no longer serves you; make your life leaner and more purposeful;

·         Give every situation or coincidence its due attention, every day regardless of how small it may seem, always address every situation with the respect it deserves and at the time it arises.

Read more about present moment living at this time, this space.

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