Beer ‘n Blogs October 21

Posted on September 30, 2011


UPDATE: Sadly cancelled. See you in February!Beer n Blogs. What more do you need?

Beer n Blogs. What more do you need?

Yep, that’s all she wrote, “she” being Allison Markin, digital doyenne of the Okanagan. And what am I writing, besides this blog post? I’m writing my notes for the two workshops I’ll be leading: Internet Drama for Fun and Profit and the less amusing but also far less likely to end in a plaintive midnight “can you bring bail money?” plea, Social Media for Blog Promotion.

It’s in the gorgeous Okanagan. It’s organized by a tireless, connected, and meticulous blonde. There’s beer. There will be bloggers. I’ll show you my tweets if you’ll show me yours.

What more do you need to know, except that you go HERE to register. And for god’s sake, don’t ask me what a Twitter tasting is; mine tend to be too strongly flavoured for the majority of readers. We may have to card your iPad!