App of the Day: CORNIFY!

Posted on April 13, 2011


Cornify unicorn and rainbow happiness
More unicorns at Cornify

It’s Wednesday (all day!) and you know what that means: hump day unicorn chasers across the raincoasterverse! Today, to help us get over our regular hump day dumps (exacerbated in this case by the premature demise of the Julian Assange Fanciers Guild) we are featuring the fabulous CORNIFY as App of the Day.

Cornify is the #1 unicorn and rainbow service worldwide, spreading sparkly happiness around the world.

30,000,000+ unicorns and rainbows provided

Cornify isn’t just an app: it’s a way of life.

Cornify is a website, a program, and a browser plug-in that takes the driest, most boring website and adds unicorns, rainbows, and fabulousness, bringing joy and inappropriate lulz to workplaces everywhere. Here is a how-to video explaining how to use Cornify to spruce up the painfully dull Confluence Enterprise Wiki. The #1 unicorn and rainbow provider meets the #1 enterprise wiki in the world and what happens: Magic!

You’re welcome.

At top is how the regular Save and Share option works when you upload a photo to Cornify and proceed to cornificate it. Below is how a photo that’s been Cornified looks when just saved and then uploaded to your blog. Notice no “More unicorns at Cornify” addendum. But always give the linkie luv where it’s due and either add the text below or link the entire image to the source site, Cornify.


Julian Assange gives the side-eye to Cornify

Julian Assange gives the side-eye to Cornify