Happy April Fool’s Day from YouTube

Posted on April 1, 2011


Drama Llama worked overtime today

Drama Llama worked overtime today

Apparently Gawker’s trying to drum up some synthetic outrage over YouTube’s decision to add the “1911-ify” function to videos today, but with so much real cause for outrage around, the rest of the world’s not buying it (thank GOD for a sense of perspective, eh?). The feature (available for Yankistan only, alas) turns whatever you’re looking at into an old movie. If your video has captions, it puts them up as old-timey painted screens. Observe the best of YouTube 1911:

As if that weren’t enough side-splitting hilarity, Urlesque has had a stroke. Of GENIUS! and invented the HurrDurrer.


Put the URL of any website into the magic box and it dumbifies it instantly! Render Plato’s Symposium positively Jersey Shore-ready! Here’s what some of that text looks like before:

Concerning the things about which you ask to be informed I believe that I am not ill-prepared with an answer. For the day before yesterday I was coming from my own home at Phalerum to the city, and one of my acquaintance, who had caught a sight of me from behind, hind, out playfully in the distance, said: Apollodorus, O thou Phalerian man, halt! So I did as I was bid; and then he said, I was looking for you, Apollodorus, only just now, that I might ask you about the speeches in praise of love, which were delivered by Socrates, Alcibiades, and others, at Agathon’s supper. Phoenix, the son of Philip, told another person who told me of them; his narrative was very indistinct, but he said that you knew, and I wish that you would give me an account of them. Who, if not you, should be the reporter of the words of your friend? And first tell me, he said, were you present at this meeting?

and after:

Currncurrnurrng the thurrngs urrburrt whurrch you ask to be urrnfurrmed I burrlurrve that I am not ill-prurrpurred wurrth an urrnswurr. For the day burrfurre yurrsturrdurry I was currmurrng frurrm my own hurrme at Phurrlurrurrm to the currty, and one of my urrcqurrnturrnce, who had currght a surrght of me frurrm burrhurrnd, hurrnd, out plurryfurrlly in the durrsturrnce, surrd: Urrpurrllurrdurrurrs, O thurr Phurrlurrurrn man, hurrlt! So I did as I was bid; and thurrn he surrd, I was lurrkurrng for you, Urrpurrllurrdurrurrs, urrnly jurrst now, that I murrght ask you urrburrt the spurrches in prurrse of lurrve, whurrch wurre durrlurrvurred by Surrcrurrtes, Urrlcurrburrdes, and urrthurrs, at Urrgurrthurrn’s surrppurr. Phurrnurrx, the son of Phurrlurrp, turrld urrnurrthurr purrsurrn who turrld me of thurrm; his nurrrurrturrve was vurry urrndurrsturrnct, but he surrd that you knurrw, and I wurrsh that you wurrld gurrve me an urrccurrnt of thurrm. Who, if not you, shurrld be the rurrpurrturr of the wurrds of yurr frurrnd? And furrst turrll me, he surrd, wurre you prurrsurrnt at this murrturrng?

Strangely, if you put the URL for Wikileaks in, you get this:

‹Õ}ërG–æïöSÔpzÆV,Š’¯º9$J²eK–B¤Ú3»±Ñ‘¨J%ªàº‚Ÿa_b_e÷ÅöûÎ9™•’½êý·Ý Våõ\¾sŏ~ü´©²+ßveS?>:ß=Ê|7EY¯ ýòøû£Ÿd_<ú—çoÏ.þóÝ‹lÝã…wž½~u–Ÿœü~ÿìääùÅóì?~¾xó:;Ÿžœ¼øí(û”˲£ußoœœìv»ùîþ¼iW’ïO>qˆÓS¾~ž}qÄidt,©îßðòé?ü ¯qøLŸ|ð©+ozúÞÝ»§’ÿñæõy¾öw\Ö]ïê܏¯>¨wéë£Læö®À¿y´ñ½Ë8Þ±ÿc(¯5uïëþøb¿õGY®¿=>rÛmUæ®ÇÑéªþ }˜åk×v¾üáâ%N/;‘1«²¾ÌZ_=>*ñþQÖc(ü¼q+²­WGÙºõËÇG¯Þüt²tW|fŽÿ\»ë÷•ïÖÞ÷á•“îÁW¾ï}w’wÝÿÃ÷þS”¿ë0}ÙWþÉïåeùÚ»Ë.;Ξ.š¡t¢ÀœØ!ÿ—G.¬öèÉ óèÄɲé_e9s¹à’¶4w0Àù°Ý6mxèyS»ÞßôÔbSv$êΞL>¹þø_”.<)¿ÜðLÙ¶MÒß®?–Ò!ºâAÏóõ 9áÖÿþwŽíµùº¼ò2íƬü²¿á•›U&”€ãoÚ·ê¦ö²®Íñ©hW5«f.¤ÃG™«@¹# <çBº“éT]zÖa˜BŽ‹HÖ?ëò¶Üö¶Œ„0[WÍfþqJšÝ•Ó7HAú“‘’ËÿÓÁÞ´®xØ‹{…`øöøÞÝÓ»ÉT±ƒ·S]ûrµîd§wïn?…ˆW4ytãÚUY?Èð üÿÿsŠÿ< l‘\ï¼m:»à,{´> DŸì£{O~_»>+»ì÷°éìGׯ}¶ÒóìwüØ6Weáñ$¬›+‡ôµ[@ú-OÒ=èH¥*P±U?Eñy+žÀ7¯®xo/&Ž·á…Èü”>åz¾!9 ™kKºŸ÷­E:¼Ø5U¥Ã’¸…TweÇU ‘ˆ“±Ô€ˆ{&ˆá»øcŸR‘í¨ŒŸª4½Ž*$Ãs7Å? ³¿ð†M ’°ù†h7ÙruÅßr_OªRþÍ}Ý5mÄj³Œ¼­J¨Ü™È¿;ÞÈ›Ü@MfŸ‘˜z ždzOÈ<*«ÄM 1» Vx ŽÊô\¼ôÑ ÄT^̪r©r¾*7 •&5v­Ú5A5Q4ƒûRâÜâVL3\QõàrFH\4¡’­UÜm 5›¢KècçEío6Þè”I7@éÌô#èÊ«åBdD9 Zù”¯T%Ù Ó»pÝ¥û‘×yrô—Ä‚qhr-“ ‚PJÛÇY0s)¦YAµ­VD˜Ø©´2ºÄC;OÄ¢§Næs7tÞ6/êðs3B%‚+jʵø£’Ó‚óTpθÒLÏÅbjí„œÍþïÿúý½ÓïvºnA Ó[%î•ñ’À2Àl•ÛíoíÀ‰p±^¾ rÞ¢MÈ#ê’C™Ø~ +ã.׍BK…¬7؁·*üûøû„Ï¿8!Æy…p»;œ9Z¼!µU¬b&+Ò~f[N?6èI;vA_G$¾ÙˆRyáúçJ«qb1E§×\€sðm‡mDXé~…7 ȃ¼u¹Ø‡µŒisÄ›¥!QöƒÖ™A@îd…m´5™~Æá±ç |#$åyö¶;û½*­˜§bXÃÐëÊ)^Áé¨ÉÄ#€%D ßT¢1\¾.½HJEà´àG]/°R“3£¤ÊópH-]°­l<9?G{–gªç)ÓEhç@•êAßn’­ÓSàÍìg3’ÊAU6›2çp’˜s¨t}D6j•WTëÝ”²Ä´!”ïÈP HÚgdžå»KYf¹òû©÷b‚S°*pVÕì€Ë ±<ˆ**Œ»qàËv¨ÌÈæ°ï¨Wøå#ª™õá<; ! ÎpS=ßñ&’ŽššJlYëPc£ gAÀbOÈ€»Ô®(Ï`g4m)Ê~®g:ÒÕü(¢ú‰PYø wd©ˆIQöµ˜Ùn´ijâ ˜Eí^Ÿ¾ô~ËgJç. vLÕªÄ©u0’´Ž%ÝäÓÎõùZÉÃ’ãó% Žq ¯ô„÷¤°*߶A¬-) å&–£HœÝ,:ß^ù”X„U¹4±Ú•mÔzüÕ0o᷐~ÞxnéZýî¬*Ó>Ô^À£ÈþhE±ŠÏ`õTJÚ%™X«a/ªàÎ×’ç6‡†áúBq¶iL¸‚ÑŽ™h·€ó6 JA jæKEPêô““Å“7À`­3Ú£KŸÞèb8D”S5“ãîÄ m*p• #Šp@Dz6€ËØzɼJ j»JR”/€j*áÞ‡FLÀöˆ»Ü`™€gàiϳ÷ ¾5$úæ¸Â 8 õo)¥Eô.æ§Ãø-!I{Uæ>´úΈí…#xCͲ§qRæDv sÜÑ F¬œ„CëV^È&%¤h^_ïô`ßË C4z¤$p‡$Õ–,Ô—£ÎݸÀ†š•n*²ÎnÍLu¹½|}à#5Úw““}8¼®#ÓQÍNÍ ’ÎDÆ‚J6Ë®#hq 0 w>zHÔ]ªÈÜÓ{ãÀùæOI­†W\wWý˜‰ïX©G@‰ÉÒð÷gÊ“‚1ÖˆŽ¦ÛHñ,x\Žâ¬ý\4ù3åƒÛ¼¦)mxWdywMë…wZ(ÒhþïÔÊŸgû­*jaqH2qGt£Bm×2:xÂRg<+¨nh&3=»^ù¸(‚ÚßxG°£†]/ŽÂ¡Æ•¨-”›8¬Û `à €•šöºçTÝÿÝŽ„‰ûìG…ïl”·jý§Ë2 ½$~-Þ¤×ÊÈn´×Ò÷²—€‰$è°™`FJÇ>ƒì¢-‚±Þ â nfêBã¦pGn3Âjæ½jÝüWxG¬Ž©ÐólD5¨¾jãI­ÁËy³%VU7´ºŠu‚…¹²ñ@©Þ§unë£ç¶ã½9H«Ü‹‰®|æ÷”ójr–x=M FÝDðÛ,DiájbpÂü¿£Ø6A=ꯘœ°0SG³Ì+è ¥Dê«éhU)í`ºw´œQt¨\µ=Ä¢¤¶ãËý¡í¢ŽCŸ¹€L5½KSúA2p^¹>

Oh, Julian, you tricksy bugger!