Writing INeffective Spam

Posted on March 1, 2011


Raymond Aaron, what will it take to make you stop emailing me?

Raymond Aaron, what will it take to make you stop emailing me?

Ah, how perfect that this comes to me now, almost immediately after the previous spam which I called out as super-effective and, in fact, delightful. As they say in undergraduate humanities examinations, Compare and Contrast.

First, the background: several years ago I was working as a marketing assistant to someone who did a lot of public speaking at businessy events, which required me to subscribe to a lot of marketing emails from people who do a lot of public speaking. One of these people is Raymond Aaron. That was perhaps five years ago. I first attempted to unsubscribe from his email list about three years ago, with the result that for awhile the emails went away and then they came back, which was infuriating, as they’re not exactly infrequent, and I’d gone through the approved Unsubscribe process. Well, I’ve attempted to unsubscribe something like nine times since then, and yet they return, as welcome as festering, pus-ridden zombies. They no longer contain an unsubscribe link (which is, I believe, illegal in Canada) and if you respond to the email asking to be removed, you get an automated response telling you no human checks those emails.

The last time this happened, I lost my temper (imagine that!) and called bullshit on Raymond Aaron in front of his 93,000 Twitter Followers (some 2000 less than he Follows, FYI) and my 7k. After a bit of back-and-forth, I was taken off the email list, I’d thought forever.

But Nooooooo…

Well, in case you’re interested, after the jump I’ve posted the two emails I received from him last night, plus the one I got when I attempted to ask him not to email me anymore. Will the madness never end? Will Raymond Aaron ever learn from Steve Martin? Will I ever buy that bluegrass album? Stay tuned for all the details…

First email from Raymond Aaron:

You could learn a lot from a guy like George Ross.

As Donald Trump’s right-hand man, Executive Vice
President and Senior Counsel for the Trump
Organization, George is easily one of the most
experienced and well-connected business leaders on the

Imagine what you could do to your income and your life
knowing his strategies for negotiation,
business-growth, sales, marketing and real estate.
You should know he’s excited about the upcoming few
years, especially the opportunities for entrepreneurs,
real estate investors, and business-owners who know how
to react and prosper in the changing environment.

Let me explain:

At 82 years old (at the top of his game) and knowing
Trump since the 70’s he’s seen it all.
The way our economy works is in cycles — we’re
currently in a down cycle.

But that’s the good news because history tells us
fortunes are made in down cycles.

You see when everyone runs, hides, and screams mercy –
savvy entrepreneurs respond and take action.

Well this is your chance to answer the call of
opportunity and take action.

That said…

I’d like to introduce YOU to George Ross.

First, in a conversation over the phone.

And second, in person in Vancouver this March.

Let me tell you about our phone call…

This Wednesday night Mr. Ross has agreed to share some
time with you and I over the phone. He’ll be sharing
information on subjects like business, negotiation
skills, real estate, and where
the big opportunities are in the coming economy.

There are very few people in the world that know how
the business world works like George.

Join me on the call because this is your chance to get
inside his brain.

Here are the details:

The call is this Wednesday night, 8pm Pacific.

Phone: (516) 453-0014
Access Code: 199-031-639

To attend via webcast register below:

It starts promptly at 8 o’clock so you want to get
there a few minutes early.

See you on the call!




The Raymond Aaron Group
2-9225 Leslie St.
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B3H6
(905) 881-8995

Delivered By Infusionsoft

Second email, because apparently he’d forgotten crucial info in the first:

To gain access to this exclusive call, click on the link below:

https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/119025466It starts promptly at 8 o’clock so you want to get
there a few minutes early. 

See you on the call!




My reply:

Really? After no fewer than ten unsubscribe requests over several years you’re STILL sending me emails? Stop. Delete this email from your database completely. Otherwise the next time you hire a new virtual assistant, she’ll just spam me again.

– Show quoted text –

lorraine murphy
president emerita, social media club of vancouver
raincoaster media ltd
transformative social media training

49 degrees latitude, 360 degrees attitude!

And the email I received in response to that:

Dear Friend,

You replied to an email address that no human receives.
We’d love to know what you want, so here’s how to do it.

To contact the Raymond Aaron Group please go to:


Then fill out the “Contact Us” form and choose the appropriate category from “Select a Category”…

Alternatively you may also call our office at: 1-888-504-6257


The Raymond Aaron Group
2-9225 Leslie St.
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
L4B 3H6
Phone: 1-888-504-6257
Fax: 1-866-493-4281

Of course, if I do that, guess what? Smart money says I get Subscribed again!