PicApp picks a fight with the wrong blogger

Posted on November 1, 2010


Picapp picked the wrong blogger this time

Picapp picked the wrong blogger this time

I’ve used Picapp. I’ve loved Picapp. I’ve certainly thought, in my innocence, that Picapp was too good to be true and that someday there’d be a price to pay.

And I just found out what it is.

A dealbreaker, that’s what it is.

Backing up a little: Picapp is a service which gets very fresh, high-quality photos to bloggers free of charge. And you know how we like “free of charge” around these parts. And, as a fashion/celebrity blogger, I’m in constant need of fresh images that aren’t the same as everyone else is using, and Picapp was great for that. They have a little Javascript thingy that displays a gallery of related images automatically at the bottom of each of their images.

They did get off to a shaky start with WordPress.com, when their presentation included one of my friend‘s copyrighted images, which she had not given permission to use. Oopsie.

Aaaaaanyway, once that little problem was cleared up they quickly proved themselves darn useful and indeed responsive to feedback, as they rejiggered their Gallery feature to be less obtrusive at bloggers’ requests. The other day I got a message saying that in order to continue using Picapp images, I’d have to install their widget (in space which could otherwise be sold for an ad, generating me a bit of much-needed income; in other words, this was going to cost me actual money). Fair enough; the goose that lays the golden eggs has a right to demand better quality goose feed Or Else. And I’m free to stop using their images if I don’t like the deal, right?


For today, there I am, happily blogging away, when I notice the latest image on my blog Ayyyy, which I took from Just Jared, as you can tell from the logo right on the image and which USED to be linked to the source page on JustJared, is no longer linked as per usual, to credit the image. No indeed; it is linked to Picapp, as are all images on that blog’s front page now. I’ve looked, and there is absolutely NOTHING in the code of that image that would cause that; their javascript is now operational across my entire front page, and at no point was I asked to opt-in to that, nor would I have.

It’s taken away my ability to credit the source of my images, and that’s just unconscionable.


Today, images are back to normal. Picapp has claimed that I never saw what I saw (and that the network admin never saw what he saw on his blog, either) but the fact remains that last night the image in this blog post linked to:


and today it links back to Just Jared, like it did before.

In the Support Forum thread on this issue, I discussed one possible reason for the quick change: the javascript probably interfered with all affiliate links on those for-profit blogs, as affiliate code generally includes one small image which is invisible to the naked eye. No for-profit blog would ever consider running something that potentially rendered null and void all its affiliate links and ads.