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Posted on October 28, 2010


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Just my luck

God knows, I’m a bore on the subject, but it bears repeating: WordPress.com is the best platform I have ever seen, in pure SEO terms. This naturally pisses off a great number of webbies who make their living setting up sites on other platforms, including WordPress.org, but it is incontrovertible. You can set up a blog for free and test it yourself.

The latest proof is this (bear with me, it’s a convoluted tale, as are most tales which deal with my personal blog, raincoaster.com):

I’ve been celebrity blogging at Ayyyy.com, a three-year-old WordPress.org celebrity blog; it’s been part of the daily gossip link roundup conspiracy since the very beginning, and has had links from every major gossip site except TMZ and Perez Hilton. Meaning: every day, or at least three times a week, gossip blogs make posts consisting of nothing other than a bunch of links to stories on other sites; in return, those sites include those sites in their link roundups. It’s a Google-gaming device which, up until earlier this year, worked pretty well. It still works somewhat well, as you will see.

And last year, I started Lolebrity.net, a WP.org site completely focused on making fun of celebrities. It, too, has been a part of the link roundups ever since I got my hands on Ayyyy, so 92 times so far.

And about  August, when I realized that Google had thrown my precious raincoaster.com (a WordPress.com blog) down a well and shot Lassie, I started including raincoaster in the link roundups, too, and running them on raincoaster so as to boost the rankings of my other sites. And what happened?

In those two short months, raincoaster.com became the 58th most important celebrity blog in the world.

Lolebrity: 39th most important celebrity blog

Ayyyy: 245th most important celebrity blog

The same blogger. The same content. A very different timeline. If you don’t think that’s a WP.com vs WP.org advantage, I invite you to go on and explain it to me, then.