Let’s be clear about something

Posted on August 3, 2010


When you’re pitching a complete stranger asking for a referral to someone else,


not in whatever this language is:

When I asked what that meant, whether she was talking about advertising or something else, I got this back:


First of all: it took me a minute or two to figure out this was the same person, trying to come at me from two different accounts without identifying that they were the same person. I felt surrounded! Yet, at the same time I felt relieved, because whatever language that was, well gosh, at least there were two of them and they could talk amongst themselves and not be lonely. Seriously, the flattery-so-the-target-will-see is there, the buzzwords are there, the vague references to audiences and services and entrepreneurs are there. But the meaning is not.

When I asked again how that differed from ads and what it meant, I was ignored from both accounts.

It so happens I do have a contact at ING, a good one, but I’m not going to be referring any total strangers to any of my good contacts until I know what in hell they’re going to try to pitch my good contacts. If you want a global banking behemoth to buy an ad on your blog, just SAY so.

Anyone who can’t answer a straight question in straight language is not someone whose wishes for supportingorsponsoringaproductorfeaturingthemselves I’m going to make a reality.

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