The Fashion Police

Posted on April 19, 2010


This will not end well.

Ping Back

Ping Back

Neatorama reports that thanks to a company called Ping, clothing has now become sentient.

It contains sensors that discern what you’re doing based upon your body movements and automatically updates your Facebook profile accordingly:Technology is integrated into the mechanics of the garment. For example, a sensor is entegrated into the hood allowing the natural gesture of lifting the hood and putting it back down to communicate to Facebook. Lifting up the hood automatically sends a message and updates your status. Putting the hood down sends another message. A Facebook application allows you to customize your messages, assign them to groups of friends and even manage many different types of messages based on where you are, who you’re pinging, or what your mood is.

Can you just imagine how this will work in the real world?

“Bitch, wash me!”

“If you don’t get me those hot jeans to pair with, I’m gonna tell everyone you go commando on laundry day”


“This dude leaves his socks on during sex.”

Oh no. This will NOT end well.

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