Comments and Community Management: A raincoastermedia Workshop at WordCamp Victoria

Posted on April 7, 2010


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Yes, I’m teaching at WordCamp Victoria again, May 15th. I love Victoria, and it’s an easy day trip from Vancouver; moreso for us carless ones now that the Canada Line connects with the bus out to the ferry terminal. I’m really looking forward to this and to spending another day poking around the antique shops, getting a cheap curry in the Raj Bar at the Empress, and maybe getting that perfect Martini that Solomon Siegel promised me on Twitter like a year ago.

Many thanks to Paul Holmes for having me back, especially after what happened last time. [Seriously, I don’t know what the big deal was. Those cops were totally uptight and the stains came out eventually. WTF?]

The 411:

Comments and Community Management

You’re not just a blogger: you’re also a cat wrangler, a teacher, a babysitter, an executioner, and a troop leader. What do you do now? Learn creative, accessible ways to interact with your audience and turn them from readers into fans and from fans into evangelists. If we have time, we’ll also cover how to terrify and intimidate trolls while actually improving your reputation. Yes, it IS possible.

WordCamp Victoria Speaker Small Badge

WordCamp Victoria

And who better to teach it than me, eh? Of course, it helps if your reputation is, as mine is, that of a bitter old gay man. When in doubt, always try to cultivate a reputation as a bitter old gay man, especially if you are not one. You will not BELIEVE the number of annoying a/s/l inquiries you are spared.

D’oh! There I go, giving away my secrets.

Just register on Meetup, then show up May 15th with a laptop and an open mind. See you then!

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