Man Offline: could you endure?

Posted on March 19, 2010


Don’t try to tell me this hasn’t happened to you. If you’ve got a blog, a Facebook profile, and more than one email address, I have some bad news for you:


DCLugi aka Dave Coyne brings another short masterpiece to the Extremely Small Screen. Here, one poor sap attempts to swear off the internet for an entire week. Will he succeed? Will he fail? Will anyone ever speak to him again? Tune in to find out.

God knows, I’ve tried to go without internet and succeeded for stretches up to two weeks. It’s disorienting and strange, a little like I imagine smokers feel after going cold turkey, thinking “My god, what do people do with their TIME?”

Shakespeare Got to Get PAID

Shakespeare Got to Get PAID

Unlike DCLugi’s example, what brought me back was this silly addiction I have to getting paid. See, when you’re a professional blogger, technology steward and social media teacher, you gotta blog to eat. There is no vacation pay when you’re self-employed and the boss is a slave-driving bitch.

And god knows, I’m too cheap to PAY people to blog for me. Uh, wait…I sense a problem…

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