Social Media Club Vancouver’s First Event: Olympic Lessons!

Posted on March 10, 2010


John Biehler Rings of Memory

John Biehler Rings of Memory

Who: The Social Media Club of Vancouver in partnership with the Vancouver Blogger’s Meetup

What: Olympic Lessons: a panel discussion of social and antisocial media lessons from the Olympics

When: 7pm Thursday, March 18th

Where: BOB Coworking Space, 163 East Pender Street, ground floor

Why: To review expectations vs outcomes in the context of social and traditional media coverage of a large, high-profile, complex, and geographically dispersed event.

You’re hereby invited to the inaugural meeting of the Social Media Club of Vancouver. Gurus, Rockstars, Fanboys, Bloggers, Twitter addicts, and those who are wondering what all the social media fuss is about are all welcome.

Lessons of the Olympics: what social media taught us

A panel of social media and media experts will discuss the lessons social media taught us during the Olympics, and offer some takeaways to help you and your organization deal comfortably with the next huge, complex event to come our way (and you KNOW there will be

Social Media Club of Vancouver

Social Media Club of Vancouver


Our panel is still in development, but so far features:

To get on the ticket list, please leave a comment or use the Contact Form to send an email. Once we have your email, we can update you with all the details closer to the date.

We look forward to hosting you on this highly social occasion; remember to bring lots of business cards, and your flashiest phone! Alternately, bring a Commodore 64 and tell everyone you can control the Large Hadron Collider from it; you’ll be worshipped as a god!

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