WordCamp Victoria this Saturday

Posted on November 11, 2009



WORDPRESS, bay-bee!

I keep telling myself it’s “WordPress,” but I’m just lazy enough that I keep typing “WordPress” instead with a small P, much though I know it pierces Matt to the very heart and makes the Babby Jeebus cry. But now this post has been posted I see they’ve got an autocorrect so that you can’t possibly write “WordPress” with a small P, so the Babby Jeebus and Matt can stop crying now.Still, I managed to call it “WordCamp” without any autocorrect or nothin’ and that’s surely victory, of a sort. No?

In any hoodle, I’m teaching at WordCamp Victoria this Saturday (at 9am, God help me!) on the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, and more particularly how to decide which one is for you and, if you’ve already picked one, how to figure out if you’ve made the right decision or you’ve irrevocably ruined your future as a result of picking the wrong one.

KIDDING!!!! You can always go back to Livejournal, after all. The quilters miss you.

You can find out all the deets on WordCamp Victoria (and I think you can even still register) on the WCV site, and if you’d like to buy me a drink, you can let me know in the comments section. Form an orderly line, please! No shoving! Except you, in the back, the one who looks like Hugh Jackman; get right to the front THIS INSTANT!

Here’s my fancy bio from the Speakers Page, and if that doesn’t make it easy for @VanityFairer to find me, I don’t know what will:

Lorraine Murphy
Raincoaster Media
Lorraine “raincoaster” Murphy is a professional blogger and social media consultant at raincoaster media in Vancouver. Blogging daily to five sites on a wide variety of platforms and active on eleven social media platforms, she brings a uniquely informed perspective and attitude to online communication.

And here’s the official blurbology on my workshop:

WordPress.com or WordPress.org: The Right Choice for You

Two kinds of WordPress? No need to be confused: learn the major advantages and disadvantages of each system, the relevant terms of service, and gain perspective that will enable you to make the best choice for your website.

And you can register and prepay here.

And I’m desperately looking for a ride from Penticton to Vancouver for Friday. I’ve had two nightmares about taking Greyhound, don’t make me a headline on CBC, please!

And if you’re wondering: a Hendrick’s or Bombay Martini, with a twist of lime.


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