What NOT to do on Facebook, part 2: the Boss

Posted on August 31, 2009


Bad Facebook Boss Episode

Bad Facebook Boss Episode

The commenters in the thread on BritishExPats seem to think the problem is that this hapless whiner added her boss on Facebook before venting about him.

They are wrong.

The problem is: she vented in public, using her real name. If you do this, whether on a Facebook page or in a restaurant, assume that, sooner or later, it will get back to your boss. This is why you need a “Skippy the Klingon” pseudonymous account that’s not associated with your actual, legal name; so you don’t get Dooced.

Because venting is right and natural and good and I think it was Tolstoy who said that one thought-murder a day prevents us all from becoming ACTUAL murderers. You have a need to vent. You have a right to vent. But for god’s sake, when you vent, do not use a public area of the world’s most powerful communication device to do so, including To and From identification.

Because if you do, you’re just too stupid to be employable.

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