Oh, Tracy! What NOT to do on Facebook

Posted on August 30, 2009


What not to do on Facebook. And don’t laugh too hard; if you haven’t done this yet, you will Grasshopper. You will.

Update: the original posting was a Facebook hacker from 4chan, so my Facebook friends tell me. My Facebook friends would never let me make a mistake like this; they’d correct me immediately. Howcum Tracy’s friends don’t like her that much?

Oh Tracy

Oh Tracy

A couple of points:

  1. Does anyone doubt that she’s going to GAIN Friends from this?
  2. Does anyone doubt that “Micheal” is going to UnFriend her, along with every friend named Michael until the fuss dies down?
  3. Does anyone else wonder about this in light of the fact that her status is “engaged?” I mean, if Studly Do-Right here isn’t the fiancee, there will be hella drama.
  4. I feel bad for her, but this is a classic example of the kind of person who could benefit from taking an intro course. We’re used to our secrets being more under our control, but online the default is “Broadcast.”

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