Lorraine Murphy speaks at Social Media Club of Victoria, August 24th

Posted on August 16, 2009


O Canada U sure are pretty even going backwards

O Canada U sure are pretty even going backwards

Yes, it’s road trip time for raincoaster! On Tuesday, August 25th I’ll be speaking at the Social Media Club of Victoria. My two presentations (that’s right: TWO presentations for the price of one! which is, uh, free, but whatever) are on the topics of “Event Marketing Across Social Media Platforms” meaning I’m going to talk about the different advantages of each platform for event marketing, not forgetting Old Skool Dead Tree Media, and “Internet Drama” of which my expertise is justifiably world-famous.

At one point, if you plugged the term “Internet drama” into Yahoo, my blog came up third. And I earned it. This is one of my favorite talks, and a half-hour is really only enough to give a soap-0pera style teaser. Still, it’s one topic where we all know we’ll never run out of material.

Details, from the Social Media Club wiki:

August 25th, 2009

University of Victoria, Faculty of Business, David Strong Building, Room C112

Social Media Club Victoria – Meeting #6

  • 6:45pm – Doors open
  • 7:00pm – Welcome and Announcements
  • 7:05pm – Brief Introductions
  • 7:15pm – “Event Marketing across Social Media Platforms”
  • 7:40pm – Break
  • 7:50pm – “Internet Drama”
  • 8:30pm – Round Table Discussion
  • 8:40pm – Meeting Wrap-Up

raincoaster on Twitter

raincoaster media

Please RSVP on Facebook to confirm your attendance.

Please join the groups on Facebook or LinkedIn to stay in touch for future meetings.

Thank you to the UVic Faculty of Business for contributing the meeting space.  Thank you to IdeaZone.ca for providing refreshments.

Feel free to add your name to the Social Media Club Victoria members page.

Please tag all blogs, podcasts, vlogs, and photos with smcvictoria and socialmediaclub.

If you upload photos to Flickr, we would appreciate you adding them into the Social Media Club Pool on Flickr.

Whew! And I thought I was a heavy-duty linker! How can you tell they’re in social media, eh? Video may or may not be forthcoming, depending on what we can arrange. Wish me luck keeping it short; that is NOT my specialty, as anyone who’s discussed internet drama with me can attest.

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