Storytelling Our Lives at Gallery Gachet

Posted on May 27, 2009


Portrait of Dr Gachet

Portrait of Dr Gachet

This is from a Facebook invitation. As I’ve mentioned before, Gallery Gachet is an excellent gallery located just off Gastown on Cordova, whose mission it is to work with outsider artists. Now they are doing live theatre in the space, which sould be quite an intimate experience.

Storytelling Our Lives is an exciting theatre production that includes Salaam Vancouver and Rainbow Refugee Committee members, sharing their personal stories of immigration and displacement from their home countries. Through this project No One is Illegal and neworldtheatre jointly contributed in helping to bridge the gap between art and activism by bringing into focus the individual faces and unique stories of those who have gone through the migration process. This project draws upon the deeply rooted and central role of culture, creative expression, and storytelling as key components of resistance movements by providing a connection between personal narratives and global understandings.

Saturday May 30th , 7:30 pm-10:30pm
at Gallery Gachet 88 East Cordova St in Gastown.

Co-Presented by Salaam Vancouver, Rainbow Refugee Comittee and Gallery Gachet.