Job Posting: Sales Manager, Ideazone, Victoria

Posted on May 27, 2009


The Idea is, you get a job

The Idea is, you get a job

Heartlessly stolen with permission from the Ideazone blog: offers a full range of marketing services, including print and web design, e-commerce solutions, custom programming, photography, audio, video, social media, and search engine optimization.

Our business is growing, and we are currently looking to hire a full time sales manager who is passionate about internet business development to join our team.

Job requirements include:

  • Meeting with clients, coordinating resources, writing proposals and closing sales.
  • Connecting and following up regularly with new and existing clients to address their current and future business needs.
  • Self-motivated, enthusiastic and independent.
  • Experience (or demonstrable understanding) of the digital media business is essential.

This position comes with a base salary and a commission structure that is designed to be very rewarding for a motivated person.

Please contact for additional details or to apply.