Sponsorship for Students of raincoaster media

Posted on May 3, 2009


raincoaster media runs workshops and presents lectures on blogging and social media for social and individual change. After four years of teaching, we are not cheap, but we are good. An example: it’s not uncommon for students of our Blogging for Beginners course to hit the #1 spot on Google within four hours of starting their blogs.

We want to bring this power to the marginalized who, for economic reasons, can’t simply reserve a spot in the courses. As part of our partnership with Tradeworks Training Society, we reserve 25% of the space in our classes for people who couldn’t otherwise attend. These people are referred to us by volunteers and nonprofit agencies, so if you work with someone you think could benefit from raincoaster media instruction, please let us know by using the confidential contact form below.

Here is a video call for applicants I made at Net Tuesday a couple of months ago. It was shot by April Smith of AHA Media.