99 lessons learned by leaving

Posted on July 2, 2007


QuittingHere’s some good food for thought from Edith Yeung (whom I found via sports blog WithMalice: she’s listed 99 things she’s learned by leaving the corporate life. Bear with the typos (god knows we’ve all made typso!) because there’s real wisdom here under an imperfect facade. Actually, the time it takes to sit down and tease out 99 distinct lessons is a lesson in itself; a lesson in taking the time to comb our thoughts out and see what they really look like. Some of these may resonate with you, whether or not you’re corporateering; human wisdom is gloriously portable, I find. It works in many different situations, if it’s real wisdom.

Here is a snippet of the list:

3. You stop being a whiner when you start doing what you love.
4. You start getting up early when you start doing what you love.
5. You start exercising everyday when you start doing what you love.
6. You know who your real friend is and who is not.
7. Some people will give you strange look, but who cares?
8. Everything in life is a choice.
9. The only opinion of you that matters, is your own.
10. Do what you love and you will never have to work for the rest of your life.
11. Life is a buffet. There are some many choices along the way. In order to get to one dish, I got to stay in line and make sure I choose the right line.
12. Life is not about winning, it is about how I am going to play the game.
13. Software and high-tech is not the only industry in the world. People become billionaires and millionaires making ketchup, selling hairagami or making dumpling.
14. For anything to change, I must change.
15. Hoping I am going to succeed is not the answer.
16. Got to make my unique idea somehow stuck with someone.
17. Becoming an entrepreneur is about solving problem. It is never about me and it is never about money.
18. You are who you believe or say you are.
19. Do something even you are not sure about the outcome.
20. Everyone who is now in front of the line started at the back of the line.

and no, I don’t know what hairagami is, although I imagine it looks something like those elaborate Geisha updos.

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