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protecting your turf

May 16, 2007


From the truly excellent The Big Bing: Black Holes of Time Management, Gaseous Executive Bodies, Exploding Careers, and Other Theories on the Origins of the Business Universe by Stanley Bing. The publisher is gonna kill me for putting any of this on the web, I know, but I picked up this book a couple of weeks ago in […]

you are NOT invisible

May 8, 2007


More momo, y’all. This 24-minute sit-down may be his most powerful video yet. In it, he talks with Joanne, the woman in crisis who wrote to him (we read that letter in the last video), and helps her understand how she’s been essentially oppressing herself. Because she’s a caring, helping person, she makes herself transparent rather than […]

manifestation, the master course

May 7, 2007


Here again is momo from the momo zone, this time with a 20-minute master course on manifestation. Here, he discusses the real meaning of manifestation and what it ultimately can bring you and through you, the world at large. He goes big, he goes wide, he goes deep. To illustrate what he’s saying, he reads […]

starbucks without tears

May 1, 2007


or Seattle’s Best, Blenz, Joe’s, Continental, or what have you. Cafes the world over have discovered the fabulous profit margin in blended beverages and tooth-shatteringly sweet, cream-topped, caramel-festooned monstrosities that any decent Italian would laugh out of the piazza. You should, too. This is a straightforward guide to ordering cafe drinks that are both pleasurable and better for you. […]

exercise vs diet: the mindset

April 30, 2007


If you scan the magazine racks these days, you’ll see the word DIET a lot more than you’ll see the word EXERCISE, and that’s not because we’re consonant-rationing. Our society is currently in a diet restriction mentality, rather than a physical challenge mentality, something a number of sociologists have tied to cultures experiencing simultaneous affluence and insecurity. […]

the high voltage ten commandments

April 18, 2007


High Voltage (yes, that’s her legal name) is a New York celebrity personal trainer and professional energy conductor. She is 59 years old and she can probably kick Susan Powter‘s ass from here to Australia, and do it to a throbbing disco beat. She’s not everyone’s cup of chamomile, more of an acquired taste (let’s put it this […]

unsafe at any speed: weight loss for nutters

April 13, 2007


Because haven’t we all read less plausible diet plans? At least these are good for a cheap laugh. Stolen from Rum and Monkey, read the rest on their site. The Web 2.0 diet: Tag your food. Only eat food you’ve tagged with “fatty” on special occasions. Round the corners on your sandwiches and try to sell them […]

give him a hand

April 13, 2007


Ladies and gentlemen, MadV. Once, he was just some kid on YouTube, doing magic tricks in his room. Somehow, thousands of people saw something in him, something they couldn’t quite define, and became fans. What did we see? We saw this; we saw the potential; we saw right through time and space and recognized in him the […]