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vacate the premises

July 25, 2007


Have we all heard enough from the self-proclaimed workforce martyrs who whine about how the company cannot possibly spare them for a four-day weekend once a decade? It’s great to love what you do; it’s not so great to be scared to turn your back on it. That does not speak of confidence, y’all. And […]

the frugal indulgent manifesto

July 22, 2007


It’s easy enough to live it up, given infinite amounts of cash; there are even expensive consultants to ensure you have a good time. It’s much more challenging to get out and enjoy entertainment, nightlife, fine foods, and other indulgences when you’re acutely non-prosperous (“poor”). If these things are to your taste, you will have […]

five rules for intellectuals

July 11, 2007


cross-posted from raincoaster Not that we pay any attention to rules in the first place, but we’ve got to start with some kind of thesis statement before we can argue about it, right? So here are five pieces of advice for intellectuals from steve fuller‘s book the intellectual, and yes, the lowercase is his, or […]

workaholic? moi?

July 6, 2007


Who’s a workaholic? It certainly wouldn’t be me, nor you…would it? Ha! Remember the Eighties, where you were supposed to be a proud workaholic, in your little blue suit and tie? That was back before we got lives. Or brains, I think. Now it’s more fashionable to have a balanced life, and thank god for […]

99 lessons learned by leaving

July 2, 2007


Here’s some good food for thought from Edith Yeung (whom I found via sports blog WithMalice: she’s listed 99 things she’s learned by leaving the corporate life. Bear with the typos (god knows we’ve all made typso!) because there’s real wisdom here under an imperfect facade. Actually, the time it takes to sit down and […]

who is ‘us?’

May 30, 2007


Now here’s someone you generally don’t hear a lot from in self-help circles: MTV and Entertainment Tonight television personality Vanessa Minnillo. If this is the kind of sense she usually makes, I wouldn’t mind hearing more from her (which is a lesson to those of us with tendencies to write off television-presenting former beauty queens). from the March, 2006 […]

quote: the caveman of bondi on personal freedom

May 22, 2007


  cross-posted to raincoaster “If you remove yourself to the extremity of land’s end and that’s still not good enough, and people come down and deliberately stir you up and tell you that you are taking up too much room in Australia, where would you go? What would you do? Anytime Australia, or the Establishment, […]

maslow’s hierarchy of needs: a benchmark

May 17, 2007


Found via a loopy stagger around and off sulz‘s blog. Cross-posted from raincoaster. As always with our Benchmarks, we suggest that you copy the results of your test and post them in your blog for self-knowledge and future comparison. We’re all evolving, and it’s a huge boost to recognize just how far you may have come since […]

the beautiful women project

May 14, 2007


  cross-posted from raincoaster What causes art? In this case, it’s simple: a child’s desire for mutilation. Do 13-year-olds really need to be saving their babysitting and paper route money for breast implants? Cheryl-Ann Webster wondered that herself, when her daughter told her that a friend was already socking away money for the boobflation job she […]


May 14, 2007


We’ve finally gotten our wiki up and running, although we haven’t stocked the pond yet. We’ll be adding in the resources and tips that you’ve posted over the next week or so, so you don’t have to go back and do it twice. Right now, we have our Home page, our Fitness page, our Personal […]