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Chip’s Not Dead Yet Social Media Training Group

May 8, 2009


We really need a better name than that, but this is my eighth blog post today, I think, so that is a task for another time (or perhaps the comments section?). It’s like this: you start a job in front of the computer, and the gods of social media say, “Welcome! Get comfortable! Here’s your […]

training heart rate zones

July 4, 2007


We’ve covered resting heart rates, and you already know that when you work out, your heart rate increases. And you also know that when your heart rate increases too much, you need to slow it down. But what you may not know is, just exactly how hard your heart should be working in order for […]

starting bonus

May 22, 2007


Starting a program to improve your physical health can be intimidating, so much so that some people never do it, feeling vaguely, uncomfortably guilty their entire lives. You’re to be congratulated for the steps you’re taking, including reading this blog (we’re not sure it’s doing you any good, but it makes our hearts stronger!). Now I’m […]

preventing injuries in a beginning fitness program

May 21, 2007


When you’re out of shape and you start to take action to become fit, it’s natural to want to progress as quickly as you possibly can. Unfortunately, what often happens is that instead you progress as quickly as you think you can until your body experiences a strain it can’t adapt to and then you stop […]

the Sun Run training schedule

April 13, 2007


I have no idea whether or not this is/was authentic or endorsed by the Vancouver Sun, but let me tell you, it works! I used this myself to go from never running unless something was chasing me to doing 5- and 10-k races, and more importantly I did it without injury. It’s a very safe, slow […]